The Forgotten Heroes Of Offline Marketing!

With the rise in online marketing, traditional marketing is now considered to be out fashioned. Today, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the new rulers for marketing strategies. However, before internet revolution, all these tasks were religiously followed and undertaken by traditional marketing tactics, though they sound cliché today. Not to forget, fastest growing MLM companies too, had made use of these technics to prosper! But which are these techniques who are overshadowed by the internet? Let’s take a glance!

  1. Business Cards: As I mentioned, we are in an internet revolution and so are business cards. Nowadays, you have digital business cards or your data is simply saved either on your smartphones or social media account. Hardly, we get to see business cards, unlike in earlier days wherein people would carry bulk cards and would circulate them in the best possible ways. They would either place them with a hotel bill, or drop them in a jar at the counter or put up on a notice board!
  2. Guerilla Marketing: Earlier people would have very less budget or no budget at all for marketing. In such cases, guerilla marketing was a savior wherein people would make use of unconventional mediums to promote their product. They would either stick pamphlets in public transport, leave sticky notes wherever possible, sketch something with a chalk, etc. Not only this, but people would also leave bookmarks or items that signified their products and business.
  3. Hard Copies of Photos: There were days when people actually maintained a photo album to showcase the success of their event. However, it is now replaced by maintaining albums online on Facebook! Their photo album was their portfolio, which helped them to attract prospects and investment too. Not only this, but they would also shoot the entire event. This shooting was then captured on a CD – which is now almost off-track.
  4. Certificates: Certificates were abundantly used to applaud a person’s achievement which is now a passé according to many. Though, people tag it ‘outdated’, you can still catch a glimpse of certificates in education sector and felicitations! People would boast of certificates with pride as they were conferred not only to applaud, but also to motivate them in expanding the business.
  5. Distribution of Products: Several times, as a token of appreciation, people would give away their products. I won’t conclude that, this technique is totally out of fashion because it is still viable in today’s world to gain the trust of the people. Prospects use it and if convinced, they come back!

Though, many would find these marketing techniques ‘out-of-date’, but remember they ruled the marketing world before internet kicked off! Today, they can be used, however you just have to put in your creativity to make it better to compete with the internet!

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