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Matrix Plan, as the name depicts, is a matrix that has a fixed number of rows and columns. So, members in this plan are organized in a particular width and depth. Matrix plan is also known as Forced Matrix Plan or even ladder Plan. There are two types of matrix based structures which are commonly used and they are either – 1-2-4-8 (2×2) or 1-3-9-27 (3×3), however, there are exceptions like 2×3, 3×7, etc. A binary plan is nothing but a 2×2 matrix. There are companies who also apply a 4×4 matrix structure or even a 5×5 matrix structure depending on their requirement. The positions of the members in a Matrix Plan are positioned serially from top to bottom and from left to right.

Just like a binary plan, there are fixed members in this but if the count of the member's increases then they might not have a place. However, they can be still associated with the network and this is called a spill network. In a Matrix plan, when the front line is filled up, the newly recruited distributors are placed deeper in their downline – a position that is available. Generally, income distribution for a Matrix plan can be a pre-defined amount per member per level just like a Generation plan. But in some cases, it can be on level completion also. To know more about matrix MLM software Contact us.

Advantages of Matrix Plan

With limitations on frontline distributors, a lot of fruitful changes can be undertaken while implementing this plan.

  • Benefits from the Spill Network: The specialty of this plan lies while in ‘spillover’ because distributors can sponsor a favorable number of other distributors in their downline. Through, this the member is benefitted from the spills and thus helps in building a deeper network.
  • Easily Understood: While implementing, this plan is very easy to explain as well as understand for new members.
  • Easy Handling: This plan is easy to handle and also free from risks because of its limitation in width.
  • Easy Money: You start earning from day one of the business as this plan grows rapidly in no time. As the members start multiplying, so does your income too!
  • Other Income Forms: There are other forms of income like bonuses and attractive rewards to generate more resources.
matrix plan


ventaforce role in matrix plan

Matrix plan, one of the popular plan used in the African market. Ventaforce software provides different kinds of reports which helps to manage the business without any hassle. Some of the reports provided by the Ventaforce software are –

  • Matrix Structure Report
  • Joining Reports
  • List of Award qualifier
  • Scheme Qualifier Report


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