Keep Your Users Updated With A Newsletter!


Maintaining a cordial communication with your present and future prospects is very important and in a situation like these newsletters are definitely a boon. Be it hard copy or soft copy, if you design a newsletter beautifully then it is less tedious and an eye pleaser to read. Several MLM companies in India, today have their own newsletters to keep people aware of the ‘know-how’s of the industry.

However, before plunging into newsletters, it very important to know that is it really necessary to have one? While shooting a newsletter it is very important to offer something unique for your clients and if you don’t have that, then why you need a newsletter? It might just be a dead investment! So, before designing a newsletter and locking your budget, carry out a thorough research of the market and also analyze that do your competitors also run them and how has been the overall response?

So, after a thorough research and once you have made up your mind, decide what type of a newsletter you wish to have – printed or electronic? If you ask me, printed newsletter is surely a ‘show-stopper’, however, if you have a tight budget then you should go for an electronic one. The printing, designing, distribution is one roller coaster ride and very costly. Moreover, you never get a statistic of your printed newsletter. However, in electronic you have a database and you are well aware of your destination. Additionally, you can send newsletters only to people who are related to your MLM business industry.

So, now that you have made up your mind then make sure to balance the content of your newsletter well! Try to minimize promotional content and give away more details on other informative pieces. People don’t want to know about your promotions all the time, in fact they want to have information other than on your product. Other than this, while users are subscribing give them a detailed information as to what your newsletter is going to be! In short, give a summary about your newsletter. Not only this, while shooting your newsletter, give a catchy subject to your email which will urge people to read and spread it across.

Above all, the most important factor is to give an option for people to unsubscribe from your newsletter. Many people commit the mistake of hiding the button of ‘unsubscribe’. So, if you want to carve a place in the hearts of the people, be true to them and help them in all possible ways. Though, people unsubscribe, learn the reasons, work on them and improve yourself to the fullest!

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