Network Marketing Or Traditional Business?

Many people experience stagnancy while working under a boss as their skills and growth can be limited to a point. Work pressure, following orders, meeting targets, no family time, office politics are some of the factors that lead to frustration. And that is the moment when they decide to take a leap into the business. Businesses give them an opportunity to follow their instincts and basically to ‘not follow’ any boss. These wannabe businessmen then either go and start a traditional business or come up with MLM business to outset fastest growing MLM companies. Both sectors can yield you prosperity, but there are few things you should consider while enrolling in any one of them.


This is a very important aspect while kick-starting your career in either of the businesses. In traditional marketing, be ready to chip in investment that is on the higher side. There are businesses which are cheaper but when you compare with network marketing then they are definitely costly. On the other hand, network marketing is easy on the pocket wherein you have to pay very less to kick start thus avoiding to raise investment.


In traditional business, you have to hire employees. And when there are employees there is a never-ending list of problems. Sometimes, they do not turn up, do not contribute towards your business, holidays etc, however in network marketing you are whole and sole and hence you don’t need any employees.

Office Space:

A huge investment in traditional business that advances is office space. When you have employees, you also need to have office space! And as you grow, you have to expand, thus overloading you with more investment. On the other hand, network marketing can be undertaken from home and thanks to the internet, things have become easier. You don’t have to rent a place, nor buy a shelter as your home is your workspace!


In a traditional business, sometimes things can’t be done on a phone call or on the internet because your presence is must. Several times, you have to rely on your employees to undertake tasks and if they fail then you have to intervene. Whereas in network marketing, you can handle your sales from every nook of the globe. You can have your meetings via mobile phones or internet.


When a holiday season kick starts, each and every employee wants to take a day off to spend the festivities with family and friends. So, you have to declare holidays for employees. Also, holidays result in slowing down the work which is a common scenario in traditional businesses. However, in network marketing the work can go on for 365 days! You yourself can decide whether you want to take an off or no! You are your own boss after all!


In traditional business, you tend to target people who belong to your area and thus restricting your boundaries. If you are into online business, then you can spread your wings across but most of the businesses are standalone hence the above. However, in network marketing business, you can work from every nook and corner of the globe. You can go and work beyond your territory too!

Cash Flow:

Sometimes, in traditional business, your income can become linear. It can also be capped and can lead to stagnancy. In all this, traditional business has some extra expenses, too like office space rent, employees, etc. But in network marketing, as you grow your downline, you earn commission as well as from your individual sales too, thus making a better profit.


In many instances, traditional businessmen has to train themselves! They have to adapt to the ongoing competition and have to groom themselves accordingly. However, in network marketing you are provided with free training and a support system who guide at each point!

Every business has its share of ups and downs though it is traditional or network marketing. Not necessary that network marketing can only survive the crucial phases to glory! However, at one point it can too, come to a standstill and result in failure. It depends on us how we climb the ladder of success! So whether you go for traditional business or network marketing business, success lies in your hands!

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