Highest Global Reach of Direct Selling Software

Highest Global Reach of Direct Selling Software

“Join Hands with Industry’s best Partner, Serving in more than 45 countries”

Sankalp Computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a premier developer of direct selling software in the MLM software industry. Ventaforce is our forerunner direct selling software that has been widely used across the world by networking business entrepreneurs. Sankalp, India’s leading direct selling software development company, has successfully gained a global penetration by leaving a mark on more than 45 countries. We have been serving clients from multiple domains in more than five continents across the globe. Ventaforce, one of the leading direct selling software is preferred by customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australian continents.

Entirely armed with world-class features, Ventaforce is a one-stop solution for all kinds of requirements of a networking business. Ventaforce is a trusted direct selling software, which has gained the reputation of one of the most likely and affordable MLM software. Our esteemed clients across the globe have given us various accolades for developing a robust software like Ventaforce. The team at Sankalp appreciates the power of globalization, and thus our experts have incorporated some of the most competent features in Ventaforce that help your business to flourish across the boundaries.

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Best Features of Direct Selling Software

Ventaforce is one of the leading direct selling software in India. Ventaforce is characterized by the presence of the most powerful features that enable a direct selling business to harness the maximum number of opportunities present in the market. The competent features such as Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Multi-Store, Multi-Vendor, E-Commerce Integration and Website Replication make Ventaforce, one of the most capable direct selling software in Pune. Our team has designed this software with utmost diligence while keeping in mind, the requirements of a global business. The features such as multi-currency and multi-language enable your geographically dispersed network members to operate from multiple parts of the world.

The unique capabilities such as openness to e-commerce, focus towards getting good search engine rankings and potency to assimilate multiple payment processing systems have made it possible for Ventaforce to acquire the position of the best direct selling software in India with international acceptability. Some of the attractive features of Ventaforce such as CMS enabled Website, Universal Tax Management, Multiple Modules, High Data Security, Pluggable Architecture and Business Intelligence Reports in various formats allow you to manage your networking business effectively and efficiently. The ability of Ventaforce to promote your business to get online publicity in a digital economy makes Ventaforce, a preferred choice of many international clients thus making it one of the best direct selling software in the world.

Sankalp is backed by the efforts of a dedicated team of skilled professionals who bear huge industry experience with domain knowledge. Ventaforce is highly versatile and can be customized according to the needs of the client. Additional features can be added, and redundant features can be eliminated to suit the specific requirements of the customer. Ventaforce is equipped with a pluggable architecture that enhances the scalability of this best direct selling software. Ventaforce can be expanded to manage the dynamic needs of an ever-growing business. Whether you are a small firm or a major player in the industry, Ventaforce contains attractive features, which will suit to your network members’ requirements.

Sankalp is one of the prominent names in the direct selling software industry in Pune, takes esteemed privilege in serving national and international clients through superior and smarter ways. We recommend you to start your direct selling business with us by relying on Ventaforce for taking care of all your business needs. Before initiating a purchase decision, you are always welcome to take a glimpse of our cutting-edge direct selling software, Ventaforce. Please call or write us for a free demo.


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