Board MLM Plan


The Board plan is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan and it is represented in a rectangular form. It has a 2×2 matrix structure which is fixed and can be – 1-2-4, 1-2-4-8 to 1-2-4-8-16 or similar. Once all the places are filled in the board, it splits into two new boards. The topmost ID is pushed out, onto the higher board which is revolving. Thus, on each splitting, the number of boards increases. Mainly, there are two types of board – Feeder Board and Main Board. The feeder board is the first board. When a new member joins, he is placed in the Feeder Board which has the structure 1-2-4 or 1-2-4-8. The board is filled from bottom to top & right to left. On joining, the member gets placed in the available position that is adjusted to the sponsor’s board.

After completion of the Feeder Board, the member enters into the Main Board. Normally the structure of this board is 1-2-4 or 1-2-4-8 and it is also filled from bottom to top & right to left. Once the feeder board is completed, the member gets placed in the available position on the sponsor’s board. And if the sponsor is not available on the ‘main board’, then the member gets an entry in the upper sponsor’s board. In case, there is unavailability in the upper sponsor board too, then the entire network is being searched. In this plan, the IDs receive a commission when a member completes the board and moves to the higher board. To know more, Click here!

Types Of Board

Single Board

Shuffling Board

Manual Filling Board


Auto Filling Board

Advantages of Board Plan

A Board Plan is considered to be unique and it is widely used in western countries like the USA.

  • Easy To Manage: As the number of members is less and so it becomes extremely easy to manage.
  • Great Payouts: As the team size is small the payouts are manageable and extremely fruitful.
  • Independence: Board plan is independent of the network, i.e. there is minimal dependency on the down line or up line of the member to get income.
  • More Income: There are other forms of income like bonuses, rewards, referrals in addition to board income.
board plan


role of ventaforce in board plan

Ventaforce the direct selling software solution is fully customized for the board MLM compensation plan. The Ventaforce software solution generates different types of reports related to the board compensation plan so accurately. Some of them are –

  • Board History Reports
  • Board View Report
  • Upcoming Board Report


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