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Proven Solution To Grow Your Direct Selling Industry

It is mostly an established fact that Direct selling or MLM for many others is a great business opportunity. What with the all the obvious advantages, low capital investment, working remotely, planning your own work hours, bonding with like-minded people, the list is endless. But what really stands out among all others are the resources or tools available that make your Direct selling dream flourish.

In other words, a direct selling software can really make or mar your business. With every industry being redefined by superior technology, it is witnessed that the Direct selling or MLM industry also has some remarkable

In a league of its own

While you are on your quest to associate with the software, we would urge you to analyze your business requirements along with a 360-degree perspective of all facets. It is entirely bearing this in mind that we recommend Ventaforce is a certified solution for all Direct Selling businesses. Having developed by Sankalp, a reputed name all across the MLM industry, Ventaforce has been partnering with clients for more than 16 years. Sankalp prides itself on the fact that this is a dynamic, robust and well-rounded software which has been gratifying clients with a hassle-free and seamless experience.

Typically, when you are looking at direct selling solution, there are some obvious parameters that you would consider, such as versatility, pricing, features, plans, etc. Let us decode further and recognize how Ventaforce has achieved this tag.

An all-inclusive package – This specially designed software is a perfect marriage of highly advanced technology and specialized features that function as the ultimate for all your MLM business needs. Ventaforce is marked by some of the best features that are required for any direct selling business. Some of these rich features include Multi-Currency, Multi – Language, Multi-Store, Multi-Vendor, Replicated Websites, Payment Gateway, E-Commerce enabled to bring a distinctive edge to your business. These exclusive features range at more than 151, thereby covering all aspects of your business.

Wide range of modules – Striving for continuous innovation, Ventaforce today stands tall as a software balancing various MLM business issues with ease of handling. This multi-level marketing software supports numerous modules to further consolidate your business. Having incorporated various modules such as the Distributor Back Office, Admin Back Office, Inventory Management and Franchise module, this makes it a perfect business solution for all clients. Fortified with the latest and specific features, these modules ensure a seamless interaction and interdependence between the various factions of a business unit.

Adaptable & scalability with affordability – Another reason why Ventaforce should be the solution for all your direct selling needs, is its exceptional ability to adapt & integrating with the internal systems of your organization. At Sankalp, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences in the network marketing industry, with a keen and observant eye for all our client requirements. Not just this, Ventaforce is developed with a flexibility in which the features and functionalities can be customized to serve MLM businesses across industries and verticals. What’s more, clients have the privilege of associating with a branded MLM company all under a very reasonable costing. Yes, Ventaforce is a low – cost MLM software, which is tailored to be scalable to support the growing needs of your continually expanding MLM business.

Compensation plans for every business – Yet another compelling aspect of Ventaforce is its support of a diverse range of MLM compensation plans. Be it Binary, Matrix, Board, Generation, Hybrid or Differential, there is a plan for every MLM professional. The Ventaforce team strives to guide and encourage you in the process of choosing the right plan which would yield the maximum results for your business. It is this very commitment to structured, reliable and exceptional support along with maintenance services that mark us as the best MLM software company.

With the Ventaforce advantage, clients are guaranteed and highly unique and exceptional experience. Clients across the globe have benefitted using our solution, and it is their very success that speaks for us. If you would like to learn more, to connect with our team to learn more.

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