7 Qualities That Differentiate A Great MLM Software From A Good MLM Software

Multi-level marketing software is the life-line of an MLM business. An MLM software provides a reliable backup to the activities of the organization thereby ensuring an optimal utilization of scarce and valuable resources. The benefits of a great MLM software are numerous as it is capable of providing a competitive edge to the business in the industry. A good MLM software is a mediocre software that comes with basic features.

The features of a  good MLM software are not designed to meet the strategic objectives of the business. On the other hand, a great MLM software can do wonders for an MLM business by aligning the goals of people with the organization and streamlining the entire operation to make it more cost-effective in the long-run.

A great MLM software is loaded with contemporary features that differentiate it with a mediocre MLM software. A robust and dynamic design is one of the unique selling propositions of a great MLM software. Ventaforce is a top rated MLM software in India which comes in the category of great MLM software.

Here are some of the qualities that differentiate a great MLM software from a good MLM software. The vital features of MLM software distinguish between a good and great MLM software

  1. Ability to support multiple languages and currency: A great MLM software allows network affiliates to deal with people in different countries who speak different languages. It enables the marketer to deal with the currency of another country without any hassle. Ventaforce supports Multi-Language and Multi-Currency functions. This feature increases the global competitiveness of the MLM business.
  2. Ability to incorporate tax specifications of various countries: This feature enhances the receptiveness of the MLM business as it considers the taxation system of multiple nations. The Universal Tax Management feature of Ventaforce supports GST, a new taxation system adopted in India.
  3. Ability to be customized: A great MLM software can be customized as per the needs of the clients. Any feature can be added or eliminated as per the requirement to cater to the specific needs of MLM business in a segment or vertical. Ventaforce can be thoroughly customized to make it more responsive and suitable.
  4. Provides high-end data security: A great MLM software is equipped advanced security features to safeguard the valuable information. This offers sustained competitiveness to the MLM business. Ventaforce provides 7 level security methodology for high-level data security.
  5. Supports numerous MLM compensation plans: A great MLM software supports all the MLM compensation plans present in the market such as Binary Plan, Board Plan, Matrix Plan, Differential Plan, Generation Plan and Hybrid Plans. The vendors also assist the client in selecting the most suitable compensation plan. Ventaforce supports all these plans in different versions.
  6. Delivers value at a reasonable price: A great MLM software ensures value for money. A reputed MLM software is worth to invest. The software vendor understands the value if client’s resources and provide them a power pack solution for their MLM business. Ventaforce is a leading MLM software that has been installed by numerous clients in India as well as in other countries.
  7. Ability to support an expanding MLM business: A great MLM business comes with a flexible and pluggable architecture that continues to support the ever-growing needs of an MLM business. The capability of MLM software remains the same even if the network expands rapidly.

To learn more, you can always request for a free demo of Ventaforce, a leading MLM software. For a free demo, please contact us.

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