Ladder of Customer Loyalty in MLM Business

Just like any other business, network marketing business needs loyal customers who use your products for a considerable long time and not only that it praises your products which helps building your loyal customer base and distributors’ network.

But such kind of customers are not developed overnight, every company needs to understand the fundamentals of relationship marketing. Relationship marketing categorizes the customers into several levels and explains to you how to cater to customers at each level, so that they move up the ladder and be an advocate of your mlm products. At each level, businesses needs to handle the customers in different way, hence it requires different treatment at different levels which will overall affect your network marketing business.

Let us understand the different levels of ladder:

Suspect: The initial level of the ladders comprises of those people who can be your potential customers. They are called suspects. Suspects are those who may be aware of your products/services and the advertisements and promotional campaigns but yet not initiated any business with you.

Prospect: The next level comprises of prospects who are your potential buyers. Prospects are those who have shown interest in your products/services and in your campaigns. They have initiated the communication process with your business by placing an inquiry or giving a phone call to know more. They haven’t started doing business with you but have shown interest by initiating the communication. This is the most important level in marketing as the most challenging part for the business is to escalate prospects to next higher level. Most of the marketing and advertising efforts are applied here.

Customers: The third level is of the customers, who got escalated from the prospect level and bought the products from you and became your customer. These are the prospects for whom your business have been successful in converting them into customers. But most of the customers are one-time buyers. For your MLM business, it is more profitable if the one time buyers comes again for the next buy. You focus is shifted on that aspect. This too is very challenging and demands concentrated efforts for taking the customers to next level. That is the reason why, businesses should focus on after sales service.

Clients: Fourth level is of the clients who are the repeat customers. Customers who have found your products/services satisfactory and repeated the business with you. Businesses needs clients for their success. Hence they need to convert more and more customers into clients and retain them.

Members: Fifth level is of the members who have joined your business. They are the distributors who will spread the network. They have a sense of ownership for the business.

Advocates: Sixth level are the clients or members who recommends your products/services to the people. Gaining advocates is the biggest advantage. They will always give positive feedback and in fact convince people for buying your products.

Network Marketing is depended lot on your interpersonal skills. To elevate suspect to advocates requires good relationship management and personal skills. But having good socializing skills is not enough, one needs to understand the above levels to get the best.

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