Integrated Cheque Printing Solution with MLM Software

MLM marketing is the business where there is lot of financial activities involved. Where there are financial processes, there are payments to be done. For payments and payout purposes, businesses have to issue the cheques to its vendors, distributors etc.

Now question is why cheque printing along with MLM marketing software is desirable? The main reason is when your entire business is automated why should you give out handwritten cheques? Can it be also automated?

Answer is obviously yes. It can be integrated in the software and avoid writing the cheques all the time. It saves time and efforts.

There are various benefits of incorporating cheque printing in the mlm marketing software:


Incorporating the cheque printing with MLM software reduces the amount of time required for issuing the checks written by hand. Data to be filled in the cheque anyways comes from the database of MLM software, so it is more feasible that software itself prints the cheques. This ensures the accuracy of the details and avoiding human errors.


Cheques which are printed reflects how professional your business is. There are types of cheque papers available, select the ones which are most appropriate for your business. These all details will reflect that you take your business seriously.


By cheque printing, you can avoid check frauds. It is a biggest problem, fraudsters use various ways to forge checks like ‘washing’ and copying. They manipulate an existing check into a blank one, then write checks against the original account. It is advisable to use check printing with secure blank check, instead of using standard blank checks. Security features built into the check paper can prevent many forms of fraud which will ensure security.

Secure check authorisation:

It is also possible to automatically sign checks using a signature image file. Check printing incorporates strict rules in regards to digital check signing to ensure that only authorized users may write and sign checks.


Your mlm business may have to issue lot of checks. In that case check printing will dramatically speed up the process. Simply enter payment details into as you normally would, insert the blank check paper into your printer, and start printing checks. Thus eliminating the need to manually write checks and verify that you filled out the check properly.

Advantages of Ventaforce:

Ventaforce is a complete mlm marketing software, hence it has ensured all the aspects of the business with 360 degree approach. It incorporates cheque printing facility in the payouts and payment procedures including printing of e-wallet cheques.

Enter all the details of the bank, its branch, cheque number and all other necessary information and the cheque get printed. Following things can be done,

  • cheque book entry
  • cheque issue
  • cheque printing
  • cheque status verification
  • cheque cancellation
  • cheque reissue of
  • Prints on various bank cheques
  • Stores counterfoil information
  • Generates cheque issued reports
  • Exports data to excel
  • Any printer
  • Bulk cheque prints
  • Easy in operation

One does not even need an extra software for printing the cheques.

Thus, whether you write just one check per day or one hundred of them, check printing in Ventaforce can make a big difference in the professional approach of your checks, accuracy of your check printing, and security.

Why write business checks by hand when check printing facility can be integrated with Ventaforce multilevel marketing software which makes the task faster, professional, and secure?

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