Top 5 Direct Selling Industry Trends Post COVID-19

In 2020, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is reshaping and redefining every industry and market around the world. Retail businesses, the hospitality sector, and the tourism industry – all have suffered a major blow. IT organizations have changed their working formats to meet social distancing rules. The remote work trend has reconfigured our traditional workplace.

In such drastic changes, the direct selling industry is one of that handful of verticals to have remained strong. Despite the economic instabilities and the public lockdowns, direct sellers have emerged with promising business opportunities during this pandemic.

Top 5 COVID-19 Trends in Direct Selling Industry

Several factors make this COVID-19 situation somewhat beneficial for the direct-selling industry. Here’s how a direct selling company is navigating post-COVID-19:

#1 Extended Backoffice

There is a greater need for a back-office equipped with all features. The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the shortcomings of a direct selling company in an event that plagues its traditional consumer marketplace. Several problems restrict a direct selling business in its ability to instantly check in on individual sales, team, sales, and net sales. The visibility of customer details and order statuses has been compromised.

The company needs a direct selling software that helps it centralize everything in the back-office. This software should enable the company to gain deeper insights by collecting data and enhancing it further with analytics and training opportunities. It should also allow the company to provide personalized learning for every member of the network, based upon the distributor performance.

#2 Data-driven Recognition

During these stay-at-home times, motivation is the key to find success in direct selling. Distributors need to be awarded for doing their duties when there is no sort of face-to-face communication with customers. The large scale gatherings can be replaced with online video conferences to celebrate personal achievements and best performances.

Direct selling software with integrated social media platforms can help distributors share the real-time data of their sales and stay relevant to their common goal. Such features can enable a direct selling company to automatically recognizing the best performers. It can reward them at scale with some data-driven gamification. Leaderboards and badges can encourage them during lockdowns, making a huge difference since all direct selling annual conventions have been canceled for months.

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#3 Reformed Distribution

COVID-19 has also changed the way consumers perceive products. Product safety and distributor hygiene are now being prioritized. Direct sellers are expected to be very obedient to the sanitization of their products. In addition to this, the demand for immunity-related healthcare products has increased. Existing distributors are being trained with these new product lines, particularly to adopt social selling strategies that help them build the business.

Digital transformation induced by an effective direct selling software is leading the companies into successful and consistent product delivery. The learning curve has become easy and business opportunities in marketing and sales training are being equipped with the right tools and the latest product information.

#4 Remote Recruitment

Even in these standstill conditions, the direct selling industry players need to expand their business. Effective onboarding of new distributors is helping direct selling companies contend with the growing demand for e-commerce channels. The process of onboarding is being optimized by adding new members via online connections. The uplines are no longer conducting in-person communications with the recruits in the downline.

The direst selling software is serving as the only platform to establish a centralized communication hub for new distributors. It is helping them acclimatize to the products, compliance laws, and business-building strategies.

#5 Streamlined Communications

For those with appropriate communication channels, email groups and web-based conversations are providing the right support to their operations. Push notifications on direct selling mobile apps have made a big difference in managing the just-in-time compliance and marketing of products. Sales training has also streamlined in the crisis. Communication channels are becoming the key differentiators for distinguished direct selling companies. They have doubled the distributor retention in the past six months.

The global direct selling industry is currently providing livelihood to nearly two billion people around the world. To achieve balanced human interactions in the COVID-19 situation, direct selling companies are realizing the current changes and adapting to them in the form of technological transformation.

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