Top 5 Direct Selling Best Practices in 2021 and Their Importance

Every new direct selling business faces numerous challenges after entering the network marketing world. To become successful, different direct sales strategies need to be tested and applied. The biggest challenge for direct sellers is generating revenue consistently. There are different ways to find and attract customers, however, retaining them is a different ballgame.

For higher customer retention, direct selling companies need to adopt some proven methods of selling products. To get connected directly with their customers, these companies work in a non-retail home-based environment. They can only incorporate practices that can keep them connected with consumers from their homes. The majority of direct selling startups use effective direct selling software to implement these practices and achieve the desired results.

5 Important Best Practices for Direct Sellers

A great start in the direct selling industry comes from being business-savvy. As an MLM entrepreneur, you need to put some successful strategies into effect to add value to your direct selling business and building relationships. The following best practices can help achieve the needful success at the start of your MLM journey. They can also help you stay successful throughout your business growth.

Here are the five direct selling best practices for your long term success:

#1 Free Giveaways

To get instant success, it is important to attract the maximum number of customers. Direct sellers can connect to a higher number of people by promoting free samples. If your budget for marketing is modest, then your direct sellers can do some convincing and drive your brand recognition among customers.

You can adopt a direct selling mobile app to share information on free samples and allow customers access to try out those products or services before placing orders. In addition to offering free samples, you can use direct selling software to collect feedback and detect flaws in product development.

#2 Social Media Engagement

Social media is a powerful route for direct sellers. It can deliver great results when used correctly. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the key social media platforms that can get you in touch with your targeted customers. You can enable social media marketing to drive your sales by creating content that engages the customers to the fullest.

Every visitor viewing your social media posts should feel connected with the content. Infographics, animated snippets, and short videos can bring more number of people close to your MLM networks. Millions of people staying active on social media platforms can get connected to the business pages, photos, and business updates created by your company. This will help you build a community of active customers and potential prospects.

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#3 Emailers

Door-to-door sales are a thing of the past but one must not ignore the conventional mode of marketing – emails. Cold emails worked in the 2000s and are still applicable in today’s direct selling business landscape. Direct selling software with an email marketing feature can help you gain a greater reach and affordability among customers.

Automated email marketing tools may not attract a high number of customers. But, you can customize every email to personalize their content concerning the recipients. People interested in the specific product will be happy to connect with you directly instead of buying it at high retail prices. Follow-up emails and newsletters can improve your pitches to the point where your click-through rates increase multifold. A short email can encourage the recipient to respond through a call or revert to that email. This gives you a solid foundation for building successful customer interactions.

#4 Incentivized Orders

A unique way of attracting new customers while simultaneously retaining the existing ones is product incentivization. To get a consistent stream of revenues in direct selling, building a loyal customer base is a must. This requires incentives that are sold as extras with the products. Now, these incentives can be in the form of discounts and sales offers such as “flat 40% off” or “buy one get one free”.

Similarly, you can provide value-added services such as free shipping, 30-day replacement, and custom wrapping. Some MLM companies also provide sponsorships to local organizations or charities from their product sales. These activities can melt the heart of your customers and raise your profile among competitors.

#5 Cross-Selling

When marketing costs become overwhelming, cross-selling is the only strategic answer to your MLM success. By cutting down your marketing budget, the profitability of your business increases. How? You use the same budget to promote two or more products. With cross-promotional marketing or cross-selling, your customers buy more than one product with every order.

This takes up less effort and pays off exponentially when these bulk purchases become popular among customer bases. Cross-promotional network marketing can also help you split the costs between products and services.

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