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How MLM App Is Powering A New Generation of Direct Selling Business

As it is commonly referred to, direct selling, or MLM, is a system where the goods or services are sold through a network of independent distributors rather than the conventional brick and mortar stores.  direct selling is also commonly known as Network Marketing or Multi-level marketing.

 The success of an MLM company largely depends on its ability to attract highly motivated distributors, recruit and retain these independent distributors, who essentially act as the face of the company to market the goods or services. A few years ago, it was even more challenging for the companies as the conventional means of recruitment, training, and advertisement were time-consuming and costly. This led to the downfall of many companies, even a few accomplished ones during the past decade.

 Take Avon, for example, an American company that was founded in 1986. At one point in time, Avon was the highest-grossing MLM company globally, with $ 11.3 billion in annual sales. Despite its impressive range, Avon sold its North American division to a private equity firm in March 2016 due to steadily declining revenues.

 Thankfully, in the last few years, technology has come as a great saviour. Mainly, mobile technologies, including mobile apps, have changed the landscape of many industries like online payments, where India has emerged as the largest player in digital payments. All thanks to mobile apps and ever-expanding internet connectivity.

 MLM companies can also benefit significantly if the power of mobility led by apps is used to the full potential. The mobile apps make recruiting, product presentation, onboarding, sales, marketing, and training a breeze, which can be done anytime from anywhere.

 The mobile app is already helping Avon regain its lost glory. The “New Avon” is determined to maintain its top-grossing rank, all the while breaking into the millennial market. A technological change is driving this transition, and the new MLM mobile app is the main driver. One should not be surprised to see Avon achieving the top position within a couple of years!

 MLM mobile apps combine benefits

Simply put, mobile apps are ideal for network marketing businesses of all kinds. Today, social media offers easy and instant communication between groups and individuals. Similarly, e-commerce stores provide more convenient shopping than ever. MLM mobile apps combine these two concepts and then stack organization and team management tools on top of them. This recipe empowers MLM sales teams in many ways:

 Apps Offer Invaluable Value

Through a mobile app, the MLM marketer can add new people under him, sell products, order products, see commission statements, among loads of other benefits. All this on the go! Remember, happy salespeople will bring-in more people onboard. MLM mobile apps are revolutionizing the network business like never.

 Mobile Apps Enables Shorter Sales Cycle

The distributors can easily access the products just like an eCommerce website, display the products to the clients, and take orders on the spot. In the absence of mobile apps, people usually took longer to decide, which resulted in low productivity and a long sales cycle.

 Remain Updated Through Push Notification

The user of the MLM mobile app will always remain updated through the push notification feature. Whether it is the launch of a new product or notification for a training webinar, the user will still be in sync with the latest information.

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 Easy Product Listings

MLM apps also make product listings a breeze for the product teams. In the past, network marketing companies relied on printed catalogues and paper trails. Now, the product team can easily add/update or remove the products from anywhere, anytime.

 Promotions and Offers

With MLM apps, the company becomes effortless to push promotions and offers for the salespeople and the end-users of the products alike. Distributors or salespeople work for commissions. They love the promotional incentive schemes linked to target achievement as that act as a motivator to work harder and get rewarded. The mobile apps help them access the latest report to know their current position, how much target to achieve for the next slab, so on, and so forth.

 Helps in Online Training

Training is one of the potent tools for higher productivity in the MLM business. Unless the distributor is not well acquainted with the products, they cannot be expected to sell them. The same goes for the business plan. Unless one is fluent in the business plan, he/she will not be able to convince people to join the company. The mobile apps could help sharpen the skills of the field force through constant training modules and webinars.

 Real-time Reporting and Analytics

The corporate team can pull out data for any parameter in real-time. All the processes – right from ordering, invoicing, dispatching to fulfilment are connected to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, synched with the website. This, in turn, helps the management access the reports as and when required via a mobile app.

 Repeat Orders Even in the Absence of Distributors

People are addicted to mobile phones; that is a reality. These days, they perform most of the tasks through mobile phones. The companies can reap a rich dividend as people will continue to browse and buy the products as they do on Amazon or Flipkart, even if the distributor is not around. Which means, once a customer, always a customer for the MLM company. It could not have got better than this, all thanks to the MLM apps!

 And the list of benefits goes on! Because mobile apps are fully customizable, MLM companies can get all the features and functionality to augment their businesses and keep them in sync with future trends. Get a free demo!

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