What is the best available MLM plan in the market?

If you are someone who owns a Direct selling business or are willing to start one soon, one of the most important aspects you must consider is the type of MLM plan to opt for. Depending on the pair formation ratios’ and the down lining structure, MLM plans can be divided into various categories such as Binary Plan, Matrix Plan, Generation Plan, Hybrid Plan and so on. Though there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to selecting a plan in a direct selling business, being well-informed about each one of them can help you greatly.

Amongst the wide range of MLM plans, the most popular one is the Binary Plan. Due to its simplistic structure and easy understandability, it has gained more importance in comparison to other plans. Basically, the Binary plan follows a dual leg genealogy by dividing the new joiners into a Binary Tree Structure i.e. one on left and another on the right sub-tree. The MLM business owner also gets to maintain a good control on profit sharing by introducing a capping mechanism in such a plan, if required.  Simply put, the most noteworthy advantages of the binary MLM plan are as follows:

  • Infinite Downline: The Binary Plan supports an infinite downline, meaning that a member can receive income for each person falling in his downline, regardless of depth of the structure.
  • Incorporation of a Power Leg: For ease of management and distribution, the binary plan provides a feature called the Power Leg. This means that your upline can place new members under you as a spillover. The side under which such member is placed will thus become your Power Leg.
  • Capping function: Multilevel Marketing companies can also introduce a capping system on the earnings of each member in a Binary plan for better control of profit sharing.
  • Payment-ease: In addition to Profit capping, MLM business owners can release payments daily, weekly or monthly depending on the concept that suits the overall business structure.
  • Suitability for all scales: A binary plan is suitable for all business types. Especially small and medium level network marketers can benefit greatly from a Binary MLM plan as they get to reap the benefits of financial freedom and success.
  • Fostering a Team spirit: Due to its structure, a Binary Plan allows you to encourage your downline and contribute to their success. At the same time, the downline can also look up to its upline for receiving a share in the productive distribution of overall profits.

The Binary Plan has out done its predecessors and counterparts in more ways than one. It’s no wonder why a majority of successful network marketing companies today have incorporated the Binary plan in their businesses. To know more about the Binary MLM plan or to get information on other types of MLM plans, visit: www.sankalpcs.com or https://www.ventaforce.com/.


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