Top features to look out for in an MLM software

Most budding entrepreneurs are aware of the various benefits offered by a Multilevel marketing business.  By diluting the need for infrastructural and supporting set-ups, a direct selling module helps you enhance your profits and reduces your operational costs to a bare minimum. However, to manage a growing network of downlines you will need to get your hands on an effective MLM software that encompasses all crucial features.  In choosing the right software for your direct selling business, below are the features that you absolutely must look out for:

  • Efficient Inventory Management: Since every product-oriented business needs a well-managed inventory, it is essential to incorporate a software that allows you to manage all stocking, dispatch and transfer details efficiently. This holds especially true when it comes to a virtually managed MLM business. Since there is no physical location or center point in such cases, a software is your whole and sole support for enhanced inventory management. A good MLM software should ideally incorporate the below features in terms of Inventory Management:
  • Simplified and well-display Product Categorization
  • Fully updated Supplier details
  • Transport and courier Linkages
  • Stock inward and outward management
  • Online Purchase Order generation feature
  • Order Dispatch, Return and exchange management
  • Online tabular Report generation feature


  • Support for Multiple Plans: An ideal direct selling software should support all types of MLM plans, in case you wish to switch between them mid-way or wish to opt for different plans for different product groups. A good system should thus support and cater to the Binary Plan, Generation Plan, Matrix Plan as well as all types of hybrid plans. Further, having a simplified tab system for viewing downline counts, pair counts, and spill details, with easy incorporation of Gift and bonus schemes can help you manage your overall business with ease.


  • Easy E-commerce Linkage: Every online business is supported by a well-integrated E-commerce system. And an MLM business should be no stranger to this. With the boost in online sales it is a wise move to publicize and offer products to your prospective clientele virtually. This helps you enhance your sales flows and lets you make a mark in the otherwise competitive world of today. An SEO and SMO friendly software also helps you stay atop the search engines and improve overall market visibility.


  • E-Pin feature: E-Pin is one of the most important features that can help you grow and manage your downline network with ease. Essentially, the E-Pin is like a voucher that is offered to a new member at the time of joining or renewal. Similarly, such E-Pin can also be used at the time of Online purchases, sign ups and so on. Thus, to smoothly manage member network, an E-PIN feature should ideally be present in every MLM software.


  • E-Wallet Function: Like the E-wallet you use with your frequent cab provider, a good MLM software too allows you to recharge a similar virtual wallet for purchasing stock or getting refunds in case of products returns. This simple function may appear unnecessary to most, but in the de-monetarized times of today it can help you go a long way. Additionally, it also helps you save substantial time and hassle of entering the same payment details for repetitive transactions every time.


These are the few important features that a good Multi-Level Marketing software must incorporate. Apart from the above, it is best if the software also supports additional functions such as Multi-lingual enablement’s, Multi-Vendor management, Multi currency support systems and so on. For more information on the most important features of an MLM software, visit today!

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