Benefits of MLM Marketing as compared to Traditional Marketing

Most people would agree that the concept of running a self – owned business is highly intoxicating. What could be more gratifying than being your own boss, working your own hours, & most of all doing what you like the best & being a success at that. But reality often reveals a different picture. Setting your own marketing business is no easy task & ridden with a multitude of complexities.


Here is looking at some intricacies involved in a conventional setup –

Startup costs – Traditional marketing usually involve higher funding for starting. Most people end up using their life savings or borrow money from friends & family to start their business

Jack of all – Traditional business owners often time have to invest themselves in doing all the nitty-gritty of the business because hiring people early on isn’t feasible. This leaves them doing everything else but what they really excel at

Reduced profit margin – Traditional marketing is characterized by a hierarchical structure, wherein the profits reduce significantly, owing to the presence of wholesalers, advertising agents, sales force & retailers & their share of the earnings.

Location restriction – Traditional marketers typically remain within the confines of a set location or geographical territory


The Rise of Multi-Level – Marketing

The last few years have seen a significant rise in MLM or Network Marketing companies. MLM has gained dominance over traditional marketing owing to its fast & trusted specialties. Technology has also introduced us to an easier & automated software system, and this MLM software benefits aid Multilevel or Network Marketing significantly.

Cut back to the earlier days, when people scoured shops all over to buy the goods or services they required. It was a waste of time & effort, often leading to disappointment. MLM is fast replacing this & has become a norm in the business community, with every big business offering associated referral commission programs. The beauty of Network Marketing lies in that it allows independent distributors to not just sell the product or service but also recruit other distributors not just to sell the product or service but also recruit other independent distributors, & simultaneously gaining a percentage from the sales of those recruits.

So how exactly does Multi-Level Marketing score over Traditional marketing?

Here are some of its benefits:

Low start-up costs – Investing in a MLM business, is relatively less as compared to traditional set up. Think infrastructure, hiring, inventory, much more which are an essential with traditional marketing but not for an MLM

Liberty of time & space – With a MLM business, you are liberty to work your own hours, the freedom to be there with the family & pursue whatever else interests you. Similarly, you are not bound by any location. You can literally ‘work from anywhere in the world’

High-profit margin & personal gains –  With a structure designed with just the distributor as a connecting link between the product & the consumer, the middlemen are nowhere to be seen. The profits from eliminating the various agents are acquired by the network marketers. And its not just material gains, you stand to grow & develop personally, along with working with passionate & committed people.


As you can observe the stage is clearly set for Multi-Level Marketing to emerge as a better bet between the two. More are more companies are reverting towards Network Marketing, & given the ever-present & increasing technology, they are seeking out good MLM software companies more than ever. A mention here would be Ventaforce considered as a best multilevel marketing software in Pune. It has a powerful array of 151+ features, and has a proven & established track record for direct selling since 2001. With its cutting-edge technology, it has a repertoire of extremely contented customers in more than 30 countries.

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