What is Compliance Management Software? Why You Need It

What is Compliance Management Software? Why You Need It

Compliance management software is also known as GRC (Government Risk and Compliance) Software. This software is designed to help small and large businesses to comply with legal, security and industry regulations. 

The software can track the activities of various departments of the business and help to avoid legal actions in case of any violation. This software also makes sure that the quality of the product or service meets the requirements.  

Did you know

The Union government has issued new guidelines for the direct selling industry to protect consumers. The government has announced new industry guidelines that must be followed within 90 days from the date of publication of these guidelines.

The software is a generalized version designed for all types of compliances and not for only specific process centered compliances. It not only works well for the business unit but also improves the working of the workforce. 

Benefits of using Compliance Management Software

There are several benefits and exclusive features offered by Compliance Management Software that make it essential for company founders and operators. 

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Reduced Cost -

The investment in the compliance management software might seem costly but it would definitely pay off in the upcoming time. The software when used can save a lot of extra costs such as staff members for managing compliance, accessibility payments, and many more. With the use of software, founders don’t need to spend extra on the salaries of unrequired staff, also extra features’ purchase can be avoided. 

Prevent Legal Issues -

All companies never want to go through lawsuits. Lawsuits can be considered harmful to the company’s reputation as well as the income and bottom line. Whenever a lawsuit is faced, it can take away a lot of money; even more than that spent on hiring, expansion and products or services. Not only in terms of money but also it can affect public opinion and thoughts regarding the company to a greater extent. Hence the software helps to avoid such legal issues maintaining the brand reputation. 

Automated Activities -

The compliance management software not only makes the tasks and accessibility easy but also helps to eliminate a few of the least important tasks when performed together. The software automates a lot of compliance processes such as approvals, task scheduling, notifications, compliance monitoring, and many more. With automation, a lot of human errors can be eliminated and efficiency, accuracy and agility can be brought into the organization.

Did you know

Approx 90% Reduction in the time taken to manage compliance activities If you are using Compliance Management Software

Simplified Tracking -

The compliance management software combines all the legal and business requirements in a single place or say in a centralized system. When every activity is combined in a single place, the tracking of each activity becomes easy. Traditionally the work needed to be checked from the sheets and the data to be sorted properly until you get the desired result or output. Also, when all data is found in a single place, access becomes easy making it nearly impossible to forget important tasks. 

This further helps to manage all the compliance activities in a proper manner such as audits, inspections, assessments, checking, planning and more. When everything is placed in a central repository, it becomes easy for the compliance team to check how effectively your company is working. This gives confidence regarding the perfectness of the work. 

Roadmap Creation -

One of the major benefits of using compliance management software is its capability to showcase your current position. The software carries out regulatory requirements at fixed intervals and showcases how improvements can be done. The compliance calendar in the system can help to prioritize the tasks and complete them as well as resolve the more important ones. 

Improves Reputation -

An increase in compliance maintenance, in turn, increases the reputation of the company. It not only improves the reputation among people or customers but also in front of the employees and business staff.

As discussed earlier, lawsuits can harm your business as well as your reputation, at the same time when compliance is followed, it can also improve the reputation of the business. Customers always wish to work with trustworthy companies having clear and clean records in terms of lawsuits, hence make sure your business comes out clean. This also helps to gain expert and hardworking staff and employees. 

Must have features of a Compliance Management Software

Not all Compliance Management Software are same. At the time of purchase, it is not only necessary to see the budget requirements but also is important to check the features of the software and make sure that it meets the compliance rules of your business unit. 

A few of the common features for all the businesses are as follows:

Offline Availability -

The software should not only follow the process online and on the devices having internet connectivity. Instead, it should be capable enough to allow the users, businesses or employees to access the data even in offline mode. 

Data Analysis -

When all the processes are combined in a single software, it becomes easy to check how different processes and departments are performing and whether they are meeting the regulations or not. 

Document Management -

The time has gone when all the records were entered manually and documents were checked every time. Instead, all data is now available in the system and can be accessed at any time from any place when needed. 

Workflow Management -

With interconnected activities, the Compliance Management Software help to manage the overall workflow avoiding any loopholes that exist. This can also help to avoid the repetitive activities that are performed in different departments. 

Risk Management -

Appropriate connections among all the activities of the business unit help to avoid the risk of failure assessed with every process. This in turn avoids the overall risk of failure. The compliance management software must be able to provide the employees with appropriate knowledge of the regulations and rules to avoid risks

Data Security -

Data security is one of the crucial features to manage the security of documents and reports as well as discard access by unauthorized users. 

Portable and Extendable -

If Compliance Management Software is available as an independent module, then it can be used with different business units and this feature can save lots of money and time.

Whereas the extendable feature provides an easy upgrade of the compliance module. Government policy may change frequently, hence system that offers easy upgrade and extend to new features, make the software more reliable and robust. 

What are you waiting for -

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Regardless of the type of industry, you need to follow the regulations and comply with them to avoid the risks. Hence at such as point, it becomes crucial to turn up an easy method of using the smart software to manage the compliance of business and avoid all the possible risks or threats. 

For the direct selling industry, we have built compliance management software following the latest government guidelines and have the above must-have features. We are also in the process to build compliance management software for other industries.

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