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The Union government has issued new guidelines for the direct selling industry to protect consumers. The government has prohibited direct selling companies from promoting pyramid or money circulation schemes, while also announcing new industry guidelines that must be followed within 90 days from the date of publication of these guidelines.

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Being Direct Selling or eCommerce business owner, you should know the new guidelines released by government

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Some of the important pointers from Gazette issued by Indian Government for Compliance Management

  1. Incorporation under the Companies Act, 2013 or if a partnership firm, be registered under the Partnership Act, 1932, or if a limited liability partnership, be registered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008;

  2. Have a minimum one physical location as its registered office within India;

  3. Make self-declaration to the effect that direct selling entity has complied with the provisions of the direct selling rules and is not involved in any Pyramid Scheme or money circulation scheme;

  4. Have a prior written contract with its direct sellers in order to authorize them to sell or offer to sell its goods or services, and the terms of such agreement shall be just, fair and equitable;

  5. Ensure that all its direct sellers have verified identities and physical addresses and issue identity cards and documents only to such direct sellers;

  6. Create adequate safeguards to ensure that goods and services offered by its direct sellers conform to applicable laws;

  7. Liable for the grievances arising out of the sale of goods or services by direct sellers.

  8. Every direct selling entity need to provide the information on its website in a clear and accessible manner contact details, including email address, fax, landline and mobile numbers of its customer care and grievance redressal officers;

Are you worried about how to deal with these Compliance Guidelines for your company?

Get Compliance Management Software for Direct Selling & eCommerce Industries


Sankalp has come with a new solution named – Compliance Management Software.

We are the first Compliance Software provider for industry to help you to comply these guidelines with ease.

You can easily upload company information and related documents as per new guidelines released by the government.

With our Compliance Management Software, you will be Compliance ready without any worry.

Compliance Management Software helps to build a brand by following Industry Standard Guidelines

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Why Choose Compliance Management Software for your business?

If you are still wondering about the use case of   Compliance Management Software, then here are some solid reasons to opt for it.

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To Comply as per Government notification

This is one of the advantage of Sankalp’s compliance software. All the business needs to follow Government Guidelines, Industry Specific processes which are set by Industry Bodies to avoid any fines and penalties.

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Helps to establish a Brand

Everyone appreciate businesses which are always up to date and which always follow Industry Standard Guidelines. By having Sankalp’s Compliance software you will be able to achieve what is been recommended by Industry Bodies. Compliance software helps companies to create a mark for themselves.

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User-friendly Interface

Sankalp’s Compliance Management software is extremely easy to operate. With some clicks and uploads, your entity will be handy to the latest guidelines.

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Document Controlling

Compliance management software helps companies to facilitate better document controlling. As an admin you can have the access to any of document folder which as per guidelines need to be updated on time to time basis.

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No Technical Speciality Required

Compliance Software doesn't demand any technical specialty. We have developed this software for everyone, from tech geek to anyone with basic computer knowledge can understand and use it.

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Independent Software

Direct Selling Compliance Software is a truly independent, which doesn't affect your existing working environment in any way. This Software will get integrated to your existing Direct Selling website to adhere to new compliance.

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Value of Money

With our maiden move to build Direct Selling Compliance Management Software, we tried to bring it at the most affordable cost. We will provide this software to our partner entities at discounted price. This reliable software and Team Sankalp's assurance make your tasks much easier.

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Data Security

Data is King. We never compromise with your security. With this software as well, we protect your information and documents with SSL certificates and other multi protection layers. We care for your safety and take all required measures to secure your data.

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Regular Updates

You will receive regular updates from us as when Government modify/update the guidelines on time to time basis.

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24*7 Support

Our team is 24*7 available to serve you in the best possible ways. We will assist you to operate Compliance Management Software. Moreover, on any lapse in the future, Team Sankalp will be there to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Compliance Management Software?

Compliance Management Software is an independent software to integrate with your existing Direct selling Website. Compliance Management Software helps direct selling companies to adhere latest guidelines issued by the central government of India.


Who can use this Compliance Management Software?

Compliance Management Software can be used by anyone, it is particularly for the direct selling companies operates in India. Indian Government is getting stricter with direct selling norms, and to help you to follow these guidelines, we built the Direct Selling Compliance Management Software.


How much time it will take to implement Compliance Management Software with our existing website?

Compliance Management Software is one call away from you. On your request, We will integrate the Compliance Management Software with your existing website. More precisely, it will take a few minutes to implement Compliance Management Software for your company.