How to Attract New Customers to Your Direct Sales Business Using Inbound Marketing?

How to Attract New Customers to Your Direct Sales Business Using Inbound Marketing?

The main challenge direct selling companies, as well as direct sellers face, is MARKETING. Companies have to attract new direct sellers for their organization whereas direct sellers need to convince customers to buy products from them.


Marketing is a headache, if we do it without any strategy and not identifying the right audience.


Earlier direct selling was limited to seminars, house parties and cafe-meets, where a limited number of people can become part of it. The Internet has broken this barrier and it bought all people to a common platform to communicate called Social Media Platform.


Nowadays, social media has become a prominent key to growing a company to a popular brand, hence direct selling companies can also utilize it and can raise their stats bars.


In this post, we are sharing a quick guide to Attract New Customers to Your Direct Sales Business Using Inbound Marketing, before that let us elaborate on two terms Direct Selling and Inbound Marketing.

What is Direct Selling?

direct selling

Direct Selling can be defined as an alternative way of traditional selling, supply chain or distribution. The traditional selling included a lot of elements such as manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, retailer and more distributors. As a result, major commission is distributed among all such entities and a lot of money is even spend in advertisement of the product.


To solve this distribution problem, the concept of Direct Selling was introduced.


In Direct Selling supply chain is minimized by eliminating a few of the entities. Instead, companies appoint Direct Sellers also known as Distributors who is paid commission for every sale they make. Distributors work as marketers and retailers of company who advertise the products or services as well as sell the same to the customers.


There are mainly two types of Direct Selling: SLM (Single Level Marketing) and MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Nowadays direct selling is synonyms of MLM.


What is Inbound Marketing?

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy to attract the customers by showing them the content which they like and prefer. It mainly focuses on providing the customers with the data related to their recent searches or their wishlist that leads to solving their problems.

This methodology is used to grow the business along with growing meaningful, long lasting and worthy relationships with the customers. It focuses on valuing the customers as well as empowering them to reach the goals of their life along with fulfilling the company goals. The main agenda behind such methodology is; “Success of customers lead to success of business.”

This method mainly focuses on three key elements:

Inbound Marketing for Direct Selling Companies and Distributors

Inbound marketing concept not only affects the business organizations or individual sellers but it is helpful for the entire selling industry.

Podcasts and Webinars

The podcasts and webinars are modern means to share content with others through audio and video medium which is not only informational but also engaging and entertaining. It is suggested to stay real and to the point while creating podcast instead of just pushing things on the viewer.

For Direct Selling Companies

People never try to understand things on their own especially when those are presented in formal presentation instead direct selling companies prefer to demonstrate their products or services to their direct sellers through targeted podcasts and webinars.

For Direct Sellers

Direct Sellers sell the products further where they prefer to promote products through audio podcasts or video podcasts or both. These mediums make their work easy and allow them to connect with customers easily and quickly.

Social Media

Never think of social media as a platform where everyone will listen to everything that you say. Netizens are generally interested in checking on the things of their benefits or offers or discounts or may be only the latest releases on the social media accounts.

For Direct Selling Companies

The direct selling companies can create their legal accounts on the social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others to promote their products or services. Every newly launched product will be made available on their account or might be possible a few of the launches are made on the social media accounts too.

For Direct Sellers

On the other side, who so ever wish to join the company as a direct seller can simply open and check the company profile on social media sites and decide whether he need to join or not. Also it becomes easy to share the updates of products or upcoming launches to the other users through social media. Direct Sellers can have one to one communication with the people who are interested in company products or company deals and promote things online over such social media.


Videos are becoming everyone’s favorite due to ease of understanding. Videos are considered as great mediums as they can be understood and interpreted by anyone who view. The videos can be for product demo, product description and explanation, product review or personalized content for the users or viewers.

For Direct Selling Companies

The direct selling companies usually tend to add videos of the new products to explain benefits, contains and uses as well as a few of the reviews if required. These company videos are posted on different accounts or website or are shared to other people for ease of understanding.

For Direct Sellers

At the same time, the direct sellers use the videos to explain the products easily to the customers and attract them towards the company products to promote sales. Not only this, the sellers no longer actually need products to give demo to the users, instead they just show the product demo video to the potential customers and promote the same.


Blogs can be defined as descriptive, well written and informative pack of content which is used to explain and specific product or service. These can be regarding anything; launch of product, review of product, explanation or any such content. Blogs are highly reliable information source in the modern digital world. Blogs are mainly used to bring more traffic to your website and promote things online.

For Direct Selling Companies

The company people hire a few of the experts to write regarding their business activities or products in an attractive and entertaining manner that can catch the attention of people easily. These blogs are then posted on the official sites to be seen by the other people and understand the same.

For Direct Sellers

The direct sellers directly share the blogs on their social media accounts or personally to the customer having doubt or confusion to solve their issues. These blogs can be shared anywhere and can be read at any time. Blogs can be also used to share own or team members’ success stories to lure readers.


As discussed earlier, other content might face some or the other issues of language barriers or improper visuals. However, this is a proper solution to all such issues. Infographics are the visual content that are used to display complex and difficult information in a simple manner across the global to be easily digestible by viewers.

For Direct Selling Companies

Just as the direct selling companies share the video content as well as blogs over their sites or social media accounts, in the similar manner these infographics are shared to showcase the complex data in an easy manner.

For Direct Sellers

At the same time, for the direct sellers it becomes easy to understand the complex data with the help of infographics making it easy for them to explain it further to the customers. Direct Sellers must credit the owner properly if they are using someone else created infographics.

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