What Are The Pros and Cons Of a Network Marketing Business?

If you are thinking of starting a network marketing business, you should be well-aware of its pros and cons.

For those unfamiliar, a network marketing business supports a business model in which you support another company’s products or services by promoting them.

The way you earn money is by cashing in your commission by generating sales. This can only occur when you promote the respective products or services successfully and effectively. You can even garner small commissions when you recruit another sales representative.

For some, network marketing can be a fickle business to dive into. And, for many others, it can evoke adventure and curiosity.

To settle this uncertainty once and for all, we will briefly look at how network marketing can be advantageous or disadvantageous.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of MLM Business?


Entering the world of network marketing is devoid of some hassle, if we may say so.

Despite this little privilege, you still need to make the effort to attract customers, sell them the products and uphold the name of the brand whose products you are selling.

However, when starting a network marketing business, many companies will let you in without any prerequisites or require you to purchase either a starter kit or a handful of products which you can give away as samples.

Which, when all things considered, is easier than purchasing a company’s products in bulk.


Promote the given products in any manner you want. Climb the ladder of social marketing by promoting products on Instagram or descend into the world of face-to-face marketing.

In all these scenarios, you are free to choose whether you want to spend money on these endeavors or not.


You are your own boss. You decide your work hours and you also decide how much time you want to commit to the network marketing business. It could be as less as 20 minutes or as long as 23 hours.

This way, the network marketing business could be a side bustle or a full-time business.

You may have the authority to choose your work hours but you must remember that you still need to achieve a certain sales goal or meet the minimum sales requirements to maintain your position in the company.

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One should well-acquaint themselves with the fact that the income distribution in network marketing companies can be top-heavy. This is because people at the lower end of the chain only consider network marketing as a side business.

Therefore, when making money while network marketing, direct all your focus and dedication into creating and managing a promotional business which can land you a hefty income in the long term.


During your stint as a network marketer, you are obligated to tie yourself to a company completely and wholeheartedly. This implies that its reputation will affect yours. This also implies that if the company decides to retract a product your customer pool likes, you may lose money.

Your only job is to promote the company and not suggest changes in it. Therefore, sometimes, there could be creative clashes with you and the company. But, all you can do is promote, promote and promote since that is your job.


There are no guarantees that your network marketing business will take off in a week or more. You may assume that you were built for it but as soon as the time to promote a product comes, you could draw a blank.

A network marketing business requires patience, focus and strategy. Undertake this business only if you are ready for things to rise and fall frequently.

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