Top 9 Network Marketing Challenges With Solutions

Top 9 Network Marketing Challenges with Solution

We all know challenges are always around us. Some people love to chase challenges while some just want to get rid of them.

Job or business there is always some sort of challenge which stands between our success. For MLM as well, there are numerous challenges between our way.

A challenge for us can be a left-hand game of someone with skills and experience. Hence with time, we become habitual to challenges.

Here, we will discuss Network marketing Challenges and solutions in details

In this post, we will share the Top 9 Most common challenges with the network marketing business.

Good thing is, we will also share solutions to these challenges. So read this post till the end and conquer your dream.

The First Step

First step is always the hardest one.
Starting a network marketing career is always full of doubts and questions. We get confused with the decision of joining.
Moreover, we receive mixed opinions from friends and family, And end with self-doubt.

Write these questions in the paper and try to answer them considering at what place you are standing.
1. Why do I want to do network marketing?
2. What alternative career options do I have?
3. What if I failed in it after X years?
4. And last, What is my long-term goal and MLM will help to achieve that?

These questions will bring clarity to your mind and you will eventually become more confident with your decision.

Right Company & Upline

Not all MLM companies are the same. There are lots of MLM companies available, in which some are pyramid schemes or using dummy products to do money circulation.
Moreover, there are people in the MLM industry who use deceptive techniques to sell products and recruitment. We don’t want to become part of such frauds.
But unwillingly sometimes we get caught by such frauds. Hence it is a big challenge to choose the right company and team to work with.

The best way to examine any MLM company is its products. Check the quality and pricing of products. If MLM company offers products that are outstanding and reliable then only move to that company.
Comparing MLM company products to the retail market is the best way to do this. After products don't forget to look out for the MLM company profile and compensation plan.

As upline plays a crucial role in growth in MLM business, always find leaders who are not only money-oriented but have leadership quality and spirit to grow together.

Bad Reputation

When a newcomer starts prospecting for MLM business, they found that MLM has a bad reputation and people don't want to be part of it.
They consider MLM the same as ponzi and pyramid scheme. While most people are not aware of the basic concept of MLM and they made a nasty image of MLM in their mind.

First of all try to understand, why your prospect has a bad image for MLM. Find what they know about it and bring clarity by telling them facts.
Tell them "Yes, pyramid schemes do fraud by pretending to be MLM, but they are different from genuine products-based MLMs, which I am promoting."

Actual facts and figures will help you to solve this challenge.

No from Everywhere

It's common to hear No for network marketers. But some network marketers get frustrated and make wrong assumptions.
Not everyone wants products that you selling. Not everyone is looking for an earning opportunity, so No from most people is a usual thing.

First of all, whenever you hear No from someone, try to understand the reason behind it. So next time you will be ready to shift to Yes from No!
Considering the facts, everyone doesn't want what you are selling. Therefore always understand the requirements of people and then make offers.

Try to link people's problems with your MLM business and then bring a solution for them. It will help you to reduce the percentage of hearing No.

network marketing
Follow Up

There are some network marketers who either don't know about follow up or are scared of doing so. As most people don't get convince in the first meeting, it is essential to do follow up.
Follow up is a huge challenge for many networkers, as they have to approach people for the same thing multiple times which make them uncomfortable

There is no alternative to follow up. So you may have to do multiple follow up for each prospect.
Always try to convey instead of convincing people.
In every follow up, understand the actual reason behind their negative feedbacks. It will help you to prepare for the next follow up.
Understand the requirements of prospects and then take moves.

Selling Overpriced Products

We all know the products of most MLM companies are overpriced.
To share the commission with the network of distributors, MLM companies tend to increase the MRP of products. And it becomes a challenge for direct sellers to sell these overpriced products.

Always choose an MLM company which have competitive product pricing compare to your local market.
Moreover, give valid reasons behind products' pricing. Tell your prospect about products quality, proven benefits, and commission of selling them ahead.
You should be able to justify every question against your product and this skill come with experience.

Lazy Downline

Many of the network marketers recruit hundreds of downlines in few months. But after some time, they realized that their downlines are just a number and they are not making a profit out of it.
Downline is not purchasing products regularly and hardly recruiting anyone, eventually upline not get benefits of building a team.

There will be a fixed percentage of downline who will always remain inactive for a lifetime.
Hence try to recruit active downlines only. One active downline can give more profit than a thousand inactive downlines.
Moreover, as you face several challenges in the MLM business journey, your downline will also go through the same phase. So you will need to motivate and help them in different circumstances.
Be connected with your team and promise to achieve growth together.

Lack of Leads

Network marketer starts their initial promotion campaign with full potential, but after a while, they don't have more people for promotion.
The question arises, I have shown the opportunity to all friends and relatives, And now don't have leads to grow the business further.

There are two ways to find targeted people for MLM.
The first one is based on products. Check your product and find people in your surrounding who need your products. For example, if your company has weight loss supplements, visit the nearest gyms and find people who want to reduce weight and give your guidance to them.

Second one is based on opportunity. There will be some students or people in need of extra money or part-time job. Share details about your MLM company and the benefits of joining your company to them.

Tracking Performance

In this technology rich world, there are some MLM companies that don't have proper data and real-time tracking for individual networkers.
It is vital to track day-to-day performance and making weekly or monthly records. Direct sellers need to maintain monthly product purchase. But with MLM companies that operate on paper ledgers, daily tracking is not possible.

Start making your personal diary and track your performance daily. To achieve long-term goal, make some short-term milestones.
For real-time tracking and making an automated platform, MLM companies should get powerful and efficient MLM software. Ventaforce is the best option for MLM companies who need a highly advanced system for all day-to-day tasks.


We hope this post helps you to solve the challenges that you are facing in your network marketing. Challenges make our journey interesting and how we tackle them, makes all difference.

If you have a query or suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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