Top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the World

Top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the World 2023

Top 100 direct selling companies have changed the face of the direct sales market.

Direct selling marketing is one of the most popular distribution and marketing methods. It has always remained in controversies, but the fact Direct selling market has made many millionaires can’t be ignored.

There are thousands of direct selling companies operating around the world. This number is growing day by day. It’s become hard for individuals to select the right company for their direct selling career.

So we are here with the Global best network marketing company list 2023.

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Before moving to the top 100 direct selling companies in the world. There are few facts to highlight about this list.

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The below table lists the top 100 direct selling companies in the world according to the annual revenue of 2022.

Sr. NoCompany NameRevenue 2020 (In Billion USD)OriginYear Founded
1 Amway 8.50 USA 1959
2Natura Cosmeticos 7.16Brazil1969
3Herbalife 5.54USA1980
4Vorwerk 4.40Germany1883
5Infinitus 3.95China1992
6Avon Products 3.50USA1886
7Coway 2.80South Korea1989
8Mary Kay 2.70USA1963
9Melaleuca 2.70USA1985
10Nu Skin 2.58USA 1984
11Forever Living 2.31USA1978
12Young Living 2.20 USA1993
13Primerica 2.20USA1977
14DoTerra 1.89USA2008
15eXp Realty 1.80USA2002
16PM International 1.70Germany1993
17Tupperware 1.70USA1948
18Perfect China 1.60 China1994
19Rodan & Fields 1.57USA2002
20JoyMain Int. 1.50 China2009
21Oriflame 1.38Sweden1967
22Jeunesse 1.35USA 2009
23Sunhope 1.30 China1978
24DXN Global 1.25USA 1993
25O Boticario 1.21Brazil1977
26New Era Health 1.19 China1995
27USANA 1.13USA1992
28Ambit Energy 1.12 USA2006
29Telecom Plus 1.09UK1997
30Team Beachbody 1.05 USA 1998
31Lyconet 1.05Austria2003
32SeneGence 1.02USA1999
33Longrich 0.99China1986
34Pola 0.96Japan1929
35Optavia - Medifast 0.93USA1980
36Scentsy 0.89USA 2004
37Belcorp 0.88Peru1968
38Market America 0.87USA1992
39Arbonne International 0.84USA1975
40Monat Global 0.80USA 2014
41Kynect 0.79USA 2004
42Crowd1 0.75UAE 2018
43Unicity 0.73USA 2001
44Quanjian 0.70China2006
45Shaklee 0.70USA 1956
46Hinode Cosméticos 0.70Brazil1988
47Juice Plus+ 0.69USA1970
48Team National 0.64USA 1999
49Isagenix 0.62USA2002
50It Works! Global 0.62 USA2001
51Color Street 0.59USA 2017
52Yofoto 0.59China2004
53Amore Pacific 0.58South Korea1945
54Omnilife 0.57Mexico1992
55Yanbal International 0.53 Peru 1967
56QNet 0.52Malaysia1988
57Miki Corp. 0.51 Japan1966
58Plexus Worldwide 0.50USA2006
59LuLaRoe 0.50USA 2013
60LegalShield 0.48USA1972
61IM Master Academy 0.48USA2013
62New Age 0.48USA1996
63Rolmex 0.45China2001
64Farmasi 0.44Turkey2010
65Golden Days 0.44China1991
66Tiens 0.43China1995
67Le-Vel 0.42 USA2012
68Thirty-One Gifts 0.41USA 2003
69Faberlic 0.40Russia1997
70Total Life Changes 0.40USA2003
71New Image Group 0.40New Zealand1984
72Lux International 0.39Switzerland1901
73Nature's Sunshine 0.38USA1972
74Younique 0.36USA2012
75Modere 0.36USA1990
76Cosway 0.36Malaysia1979
77Pruvit 0.36USA 2015
78BeautyCounter 0.34USA2013
794Life 0.34USA1998
80Hy Cite Enterprises 0.34USA 1959
81For Days Co. 0.32 Japan1997
82Seacret Direct 0.32USA2005
83LG Household & Health 0.32South Korea1947
84Stella & Dot 0.31 USA 2003
85Just International 0.31Switzerland1930
86Pure romance0.31 USA 1993
87Vestige Marketing 0.31India2004
88Apollo China 0.31 China1988
89Family Heritage Life 0.30USA1989
90Menard Cosmetics 0.30Japan1959
91Pampered Chef 0.29USA1980
92Betterway 0.29 Thailand 1988
93ModiCare 0.28India1996
94ACN 0.27USA1993
95New U Life 0.27USA2017
96LR Health & Beauty 0.26Germany1985
97Noevir 0.25Japan1964
98Elken 0.24Malaysia1995
99Prowin international 0.24Germany1995
100Ariix 0.24USA2011

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If we count companies according to their origin country, then the figure looks like this.

top direct selling companies

Best Direct Selling Company in the World

Now, let us know about the 10 biggest direct selling companies on this planet.

1. Amway

Amway is the leading direct selling company for the past few decades. In the 60 years, Amway has established strong roots in more than 100 nations.

Meanwhile, Amway has faced several serious allegations in different countries including the popular 1979 FTC Vs Amway case.

Moreover, Amway’s revenue is dropping over the past few years. Amway deals in nutrition, beauty and appliance products.

2. Natura Cosmeticos

Natura Cosmeticos is a Brazilian network marketing company. As the name suggests, Natura sells cosmetics and beauty products.

Compare to 2019, the annual revenue of Natura Cosmeticos has grown from 3.66 Billion USD to 7.16 Billion USD which is almost 96% yearly growth.

3. Herbalife

Herbalife Nutrition is established in the year 1980. Operating on the Binary plan, it is known for its nutrition products and diet shakes.

So far Herbalife has endorsed several popular sports and other celebrities include Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Virat Kohli.

Herbalife receives constant reports of side effects from its nutrition product consumers which many times brings Herbalife into serious trouble.

4. Vorwerk

Party plan based this German direct selling company, Vorwerk operates in 15+ countries.

Vorwerk primarily focuses on selling household appliances.

It is the oldest company on the list with annual revenue of 4.4 Billion USD in 2022.

5. Infinitus

Member of LKK Health Products Group, Infinitus International is a Chinese direct selling company.

Infinitus sell Health products and have a solid presence in many Asian countries. Australia and Canada are the other two markets of Infinitus outside Asia.

6. Avon Products

Popular for Beauty products, the position of Avon in top direct selling companies has significantly dropped. In 2020 its revenue decreased 27% left it to 3.5 Billion USD, maybe due to the covid-19 global pandemic.

Present in almost 75 countries, Avon is a woman-oriented direct selling company.

7. Coway

Founded in the year 1989, Coway is a South Korean company sales home purifier appliances.

The revenue of Coway grown 8% in 2022 reached 2.80 Billion USD.

Coway has won various awards for its electronic products and innovations.

8. Mary Kay

Another cosmetic and personal care product MLM company Mary Kay made a presence in the top 10 direct selling companies in the World.

In 1963, it is founded by Mary Kay Ash in Texas, USA. Its revenue in 2022 was 2.70 Billion USD.

9. Melaleuca

Melaleuca is another USA-based direct selling company on the list, with the tagline of The Wellness Company. It mainly focuses on nutrition and personal care products.

Operating on Unilevel compensation plan, Melaleuca is founded in the year 1985. Its gross turnover in 2022 was USD 2.70 Billion.

10. Nu Skin

Nu Skin was started in 1984 in Utah, USA.

In 2022, Nu Skin has an annual growth of 7%. Selling Nutrition and Beauty products, NU Skin has an active presence in 50 countries.

Nu Skin is also known for its Pharmanex brand products.

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