How Network Marketing is growing effectively in USA?

In 2020, when the whole world was suffering from the outbreak of coronavirus, the direct selling industry maintained a steady growth.

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According to DSA (Direct Selling Association) 2020 report, $40.1 Billion retail sales were held in the direct selling industry of USA which is 13.9% higher compared to 2019.

While the GDP of most countries was declining in 2020, the direct selling industry has shown a positive ray of light.

In this post, we are going to discuss How the network marketing business is growing effectively in the USA. What makes USA direct selling pioneer and keys factors behind impressive stats?

How Network Marketing is Growing Effectively in USA?

Before moving forward to the reason behind the growth of direct selling business in the USA. Let’s look at some jaw-dropping combined facts about direct selling and United States.

Did you know

As per Direct Selling Association(DSA):

Most direct sales generating states in the USA.

StatesPeople Involved in Direct SellingRetail Sale
New York747,934$2.1B

According to Direct Selling News Global List:

Out of the top 20 direct selling companies in the world, 13 companies are from the USA.

Sr NoCompany Name Revenue 2020 (In
Billion USD)
2Natura Cosmeticos7.16Brazil1969
6Avon Products3.50USA1886
7Coway2.80South Korea1989
8Mary Kay2.70USA1963
10Nu Skin2.58USA1984
11Forever Living2.31USA1978
12Young Living2.20USA1993
15eXp Realty1.80USA2002
16PM International1.70Germany1993
18Perfect China1.60China1994
19Rodan & Fields1.57USA2002
20JoyMain Int1.50China2009

Entrepreneurial Mindset

With the above facts, DSA (Direct Selling Association) also released a study on Consumer Attitudes & Entrepreneurship.

That study shows that 77% of Americans are interested in flexible entrepreneurial income opportunities and exactly for this network marketing is known for.

The study compared the start-up cost of direct selling with other businesses. Direct selling businesses have $82.50 starting costs which are the lowest among other opportunities.

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direct selling opportunities

Low starting costs and flexible working make direct selling a lucrative opportunity not only for Americans but everyone who wants extra income.

Strong Roots

The USA maintained the number one spot in the direct selling industry. From the beginning, the direct selling market is largest in the USA and has a strong grasp from start.

Like most countries, MLM is also controversial in the USA but an entrepreneurial mindset population loves to rise in the direct selling business.

Most of the richest network marketers are in the USA.

Powerful Companies

In global top direct selling companies, more than half of the companies are from the USA.

USA-originated direct selling companies’ scale their business to different continents efficiently compare to any other country.

Following the trends every year new direct selling giants take birth in the USA and move across the world.

If you are also aiming to build a direct selling company to rule over your country, continent or whole planet, then you will need an adequate system to scale.

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Working Women

Women have played a vital role in direct selling especially in developed countries like the USA. 

Did you know

75% of working professionals in the USA direct selling industry are women.

working women ratio

American women seek an independent lifestyle and direct selling provides them the opportunity to grow according to their skills.

Person from any gender, age group, religion, background, and qualification can become a successful direct seller. It required a passion to get succeeded.

American women have built their own legacy by proving dominance in direct selling.

More about wellness

Americans are more civilized and wealthy compared to most countries on planet earth. It allows Americans to spend more on themselves.

As we know direct selling industry mostly sells health and wellness products. Americans can easily purchase these personal care products for themselves and start work with any direct selling companies without paying extra.

When they find the products of MLM companies useful and effective, they can promote these products to others or make other parts of their downline to earn passive income on each downline purchase.

Regular purchase from active downlines increase their commission exponentially.

Part-time opportunity

Out of 7.7 Million Americans, 6.9 Million do direct selling part-time. Various people want an extra source of income from their free time. Therefore direct selling offers work and time flexibility.

Direct sales can be made at any place. Students, housewives, retired person or at any stage of life, people can opt for direct selling and earn based on their skillset.

Direct selling is an open market and anyone can make a hand in it.

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