100 Largest MLM Companies in the USA

Top 100 MLM Companies in the USA 2022

Top 100 MLM companies in USA are the pioneers in multi-level marketing.

If we look at the history of Multi level marketing, as a country the USA has remained the pioneer and prominent candidate of this industry.

More than one-third of internationally operating MLM companies are originated from the USA.

So far, United States is the biggest market of MLM activities. According to DSN, in 2021 over $40 Billion retail sales were held only in the USA followed by China ($19.18 Billion) and Germany ($ 17.97 Billion).

If you are looking for the Best MLM Company in the United States, you are in the right place. Here we are going to share the list of the 100 largest direct selling companies in the largest market i.e. the USA.

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#Name (Year Founded)Head QuartersRevenue in 2021 (in USD)Products
8.90 BillionHealth, Beauty & Homecare

United Kingdom
5.70 BillionBeauty, Household & personal care
4.50 BillionNutrition & weight control products
4.40 BillionCosmetic and Beauty products
4.20 BillionHousehold appliances and cosmetics
6Mary Kay

3.50 BillionCosmetics & personal care products
7Forever Living
2.6 BillionDrinks, cosmetics, nutritional supplements & personal care products
8Nu Skin


2.28 BillionPersonal care products & dietary supplements


2.26 Billionkitchen & home products

2 BillionNutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care and wellness products
South Korea

1.73 BillionHealth, Cosmetic & Personal Care Products
1.69 BillionInsurance & financial services

1.6 BillionCosmetics, beauty, skin care products
14Young Living

1.5 BillionHealth products, oils, personal care & animal care
15Rodan and Fields


1.5 BillionSkin care products

1.39 BillionOnline Cashback Service

(Alor Setar)

1.10 BillionHealth food, skincare, household, home appliances
18Ambit Energy
1.10 BillionElectricity & natural gas services
1.09 BillionAgrochemical products
1.04 BillionNutritional products, dietary supplements & skincare products
1 BillionHealth care & Wellness products


0.92 BillionDietary supplements & personal care products


0.88 BillionDiscount Services
25Team Beachbody

0.863 BillionHealth foods/nutrition food


0.84 BillionNutrition supplements, beauty and household products
27Market America
(North Carolina)

0.820 BillionHealthcare, cosmetics & skincare

(North Carolina)

0.750 BillionElectro communication, energy, & other services


0.75 BillionClothing, cleaning products


0.737 BillionEnergy & connected life services

0.341 BillionHealth & Wellness Products
#Company NameProducts
31Crowd1Online Service Membership
32AdvocareDietary supplements
33Alliance in MotionNutrition & health
34ARIIXWeight loss, healthcare
35ASEADietary supplements
36bHip GlobalNutrition & health
37DoterraEssential oils
38DubLi NetworkReferral income
39Empower NetworkDigital products
40EnagicWater purifiers & filtration
41Essante OrganicsHome & healthcare
42Evolve HealthHealthcare solutions
43FM GroupInsurance
44ForeverGreenDietary supplements
45FuxionNutrition & health
46Gano XLExotic herbal beverages
47Global Wealth TradeFashion & beauty
48GVOIT solutions
49IDlifeNutrition & health
50ImmunoticMedical devices
51It Works ! GlobalSkincare & nutrition
52JavitaExotic herbal beverages
53JeunesseSkincare & nutrition
54Juice Plus +Nutrition & health
55KannawayDietary supplements
56KyaniNutrition & health
57Life PlusPersonal care
58LifeVantageHealth & wellness
59LR Health and BeautyFashion & beauty
60MannatechHealth & wellness
61Mega HoldingsIT solutions
62ModereHealth & wellness
63MorindaExotic herbal beverages
64Nature’s Sunshine ProductsDietary supplements
65Nerium InternationalAnti-ageing products
66Nucerity International

Skin and eye care products
67NuricheDietary supplements
68Organo GoldExotic herbal beverages
69Origami OwlCustom jewelry
70Perfectly PoshFashion & beauty
71PhytoHair & skincare
72Plexus WorldwideHealth & wellness
73PM InternationalDietary supplements
74Premier DesignsFashion jewelry
75Purium HealthHealth & wellness
76QNetMultiple products
77QSciencesHealth & wellness
78Rain InternationalDietary supplements
79Seacret DirectDead Sea salt based cosmetics
80Send Out CardsGreeting card system
82Shopping SherlockDiscounted shopping
83Sisel InternationalPersonal care
84Skinny Body CareSkincare & nutrition
85SoZo GlobalExotic herbal beverages
86Stampin UpExquisite paper products
87Stella & DotFashion jewelry
88StemtecDietary supplements
89SunriderPersonal care
90Synergy WorldwideHealth & wellness
91Talk FusionVideo communication solutions
92The Limo CompanyLuxury car rentals
9331GiftsPurses, totes, bags
94Total Life ChangesEssential oils
95TrevoSkincare & nutrition
96TruVision HealthEssential oils
97Unicity InternationalHealth & wellness
98ValentusDietary supplements
99ViSalusDietary supplements
100World Global NetworkExercise equipment

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Best MLM Companies in USA

Now, let us know about the 10 biggest MLM companies in USA.

1. Amway

Amway is the most popular direct selling company on the list. It operates in more than 100 countries. From the beginning, the USA has remained its largest market.

Amway’s revenue in 2021 was $ 8.90 Billion which is reducing from the past few years as it facing the issue of market saturation.

2. Avon

Avon is well known for its cosmetics and beauty products. Avon was founded in 1986 in New York and now its global head office is in London.

Avon made USD 5.7 Billion turnovers in 2021.

3. Herbalife

Herbalife is the largest nutrition product-based network marketing company in the world.

It is established in 1980 in California by Mark R. Hughes.

At present, Herbalife is popular for its nutritional products and diet programs.

4. Natura & Co

Natura is a Brazilian direct selling company, it is a tough competitor of Avon and Oriflame.

Natura deals in Cosmetic and Beauty products. Its global revenue in 2021 is $ 6.39 Billion.

5. Vorwerk

Vorwerk is the oldest direct selling company founded in 1883 in Wuppertal, Germany.

In 2021, It is operating in more than 15 countries with an annual turnover of $ 4.2 Billion.

Vorwerk mainly emphasizes selling Home appliances products.

6. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is another personal care and cosmetic product MLM in the top company list. It was founded in 1963 in Texas, US by Mary Kay Ash.

7. Forever Living

Forever Living Products is also called FLP which is popular for its natural aloe vera products.

FLP claims to have the purest form of Aloe Vera. It has a product range consist nutritional and personal care products.

8. Nu Skin

Nu Skin Enterprises was started in 1984 in Utah, USA. As the name suggests, Nu Skin focuses on Skin Care products with personal care and other beauty products.

With an annual turnover of 2.70 Billion, Nu Skin stands at 8th position in our list.

9. Tupperware

Tupperware is a direct selling company with unique products and plans. Tupperware promotes plastic containers and appliances through its kitty party networker.

Tupperware is women-oriented and operates on a party plan.

10. Melaleuca

Melaleuca was established in the year 1985 by Frank Vandersloot.

Ageloc, Face Care, Epoch, Body Care and Nutritionals are 5 product categories of Melaleuca.

It’s has crossed $ 2 Billion in revenue in 2021.

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