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MLM Software- Frequently Asked Questions You Should Know

Choosing the right software for a business is one of the most tedious tasks for top management. This task becomes even more difficult for direct selling businesses as there is so much that depends on the software. The software is the backbone for any MLM business as it handles most of the back-end and critical operations, including complex pay-out calculations.

Hence it becomes imperative for a business owner to thoroughly check out the MLM software and understand the intricacies before purchasing one.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that would cover all the relevant details.

Let’s get started with direct selling software FAQs.

General FAQs:

What are the different kinds of Direct Selling Software available at Sankalp?

Sankalp is known for its ability to understand the customer’s needs adequately. Based on the customer need, we can develop software for an array of plans such as binary, board, differential, repurchase, generation, and any other hybrid plan.

What kind of advantages do we get on being associated with Sankalp?

With 19 + years of experience, our credibility and recognition are the most significant advantages you stand to achieve on being associated with Sankalp. Recently we have been certified as CMM Level 3 Organization, an internationally renowned accreditation. We are already an ISO Certified Company. Plus, we are accredited with all industry bodies like NASSCOM, CRISIL, MCCIA, to name a few. Moreover, we serve over 4200 clients in 45+ countries across six continents.

What is the minimum delivery period for your software?

That entirely depends on the project. Generally, we deliver within 2 – 3 weeks of starting off the project. We have made a reputation for being honestly honoring all the commitments, including that of service delivery.

Plans related FAQs:

Will Ventaforce support my compensation plan?

Yes, Ventaforce supports an array of plans, and it would help your compensation plan too. Our software is customizable that can support most of the programs.

Can I make changes in the plan after the development work?

Yes, changes can be made as per the stipulated agreed terms and conditions.

Do you provide consulting services, and what are the charges for the same?

Yes, we offer free consulting services to all our Ventaforce clients. Talk to our experts who will provide you with a custom solution after understanding your product and target market.

Features related FAQs

Which features does Ventaforce cover?

Ventaforce is among the best MLM software with every feature you could think of. Please refer to the detailed feature list for all the 151+ stunning features:

Why you need WhatsApp for your multi-level marketing

Arguably messaging is the most preferred method for contacting a company or vice versa. WhatsApp is the undisputed leader across the globe in messaging. Look at the figures:

  • WhatsApp is the world’s third most downloaded Android app.
  • It has over 1.5 billion active users across 180 countries.
  • By 2021, the number of WhatsApp users in the US is projected to rise to 25.6 million.

 Now, all direct marketing companies can leverage the power of Ventaforce WhatsApp integration to enhance their business.

How useful is the Ventaforce WhatsApp integration for a company?

  • Registration / Profile Update
    Receive an immediate alert when a new user registers or when an existing user’s profile is updated.
  • Payment details
    Income drives a business. Through the integration of WhatsApp, you can stay updated every time your business receives a payment.
  • Order details
    You can track orders as soon as they are generated. You will receive a message as soon as an order is created.
  •  Delivery details
    You can also track the delivery status of orders through WhatsApp integration.
  • Invoice details and many more
    You can keep track of the invoice details of the orders that have been filled and much more through the WhatsApp integration.

Get Ventaforce WhatsApp integration, get into the big league

Does Ventaforce support different languages and different currencies?

Yes, Ventaforce is built with the capabilities to function across multilingual platforms and support different currencies too.

Can I track the profit and loss of my business?

You get a detailed pay-out analysis report that can be used to assess profit and loss at any point in time.

Technology related FAQs

Which technology are you using for the software and website?

We use ASP.NET 4.5 (MVC 5.0) for the software and Bootstrap.

Can you develop an offline version of the software?

No, we do not offer an offline version of Ventaforce simply because it is difficult to resolve bugs and provide support.

Can I get source code for custom projects?

Yes, since you are the owner of the licensed copy, you will be given a copy of your project’s source code.

Can I integrate any third-party platform with your software?

Yes, you are free to integrate the software with any third-party software of your choice.

How much traffic can your system handle?

The software has been thoroughly tested, and results show that software is capable of sustaining more than 7 million records.

Security-related FAQs

What are the security features of Ventaforce?

Ventaforce is developed using 7 level security, which ensures military class data security.

Is your server secure? Will data be safe?

Yes, our servers are incredibly secure.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

We respect your confidentiality, and that is why we always sign NDA agreements before starting a project.

Is my software secure on shared hosting?

As the server password keeps changing, it is saved in an encrypted format, making the software secure on shared hosting.

What should I do, when I need to communicate, need more information or clarification regarding Ventaforce software?

More queries? No problem! We have an award-winning customer support team that is always available through phone, email, or live chat. Click here to get a demo now!

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