How Direct Selling Business Became A Boon In India During Pandemic

Negotiating business challenges in midst of the pandemic is a concern for countless business owners across the globe. Declining sales and dwindling revenues resulted in layoffs and the closure of businesses that led people to search for alternate resources. People with meagre investments explored direct selling business opportunities – which eventually became a trending business model. This excerpt highlights how direct selling business became a boon in India during pandemic.

One of the oldest forms, direct selling is a vast industry with global market size of over $200 million. With more than 6 million people in India associated with direct selling business, it has made a meaningful contribution in recent years. By 2025, the industry will reach upto Rs. 645 billion! There is something unique that makes direct selling business such a lucrative platform in today’s unsettled business environment.

Mobile apps have taken the center stage:

The advent of smartphones and mobile apps give a much needed boost to the direct selling business. It is the fastest medium to expand the network and business across tier II & III cities across the country. The rise of sectors like health & wellness, edutech, FMCG, and more has opened countless avenues for companies across India.

It was the transition to the online world and getting accustomed to mobile apps that strengthened the direct selling model. As the young generation joins in, working through a smartphone has become a common affair.

Multiple marketing plans for the SME sector:

While pandemic has forced to enforce complete or partial closures and layoffs, the SME’s have still managed to work somehow. With a wide range of multilevel marketing plans available, micro and small businesses have flourished. Be it Binary, Matrix, Board, Generation, Hybrid or Differential plan – multilevel marketing business professionals found it easy to generate business.

With assistance from multi-level marketing software development companies, SMEs made good use of these plans blended with processes. These small businesses catered to the needs of other MNCs, promoting India as a manufacturing destination.

Embracing the online ecosystem:

Direct selling businesses were able to adapt to the online mode in a quick time. Companies were quick to invest in expertise to give convenience to the distributors and consumers. Creating awareness on the usage of the direct selling mobile app via online sessions, webinars were quite useful.

Companies got their employees trained in different software modules like back office, inventory management, distributor, admin back office and more. Understanding the software functionality helped to relate with several arms of multilevel marketing business.

Upgraded Technology:

Technology advancements are at the forefront in providing the best user experience in the direct selling industry. AI, chat bots and voice bots help to acquire user’s previous data and gives adequate info for doing predictive analysis.

Did you know digital payments in India have increased by 55% as compared to other Asian countries? Embracing digital transaction platforms is an imperative factor for the success of direct selling business in India. This also added to increase the sales flow and offer an incredible user experience.

Boost to entrepreneurship and self-employment avenues:

The Direct selling industry motivated countless people to generate self-employment opportunities in the country. With the advancement in technology, people are finding it easy to explore these models for a stable career option. Government initiatives like ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ are promoting local products via the direct selling route.

Since its inception, this model has provided an earning platform for women in our country. With more than 2.1 million women today engaged in various roles, this model has always created successful entrepreneurs. In midst of this Covid era, it’s the addition of the male population that has further boosted this concept.

Social Media opens up boundaries:

Since the rise of Coivd-19 in India last year, businesses are on a spree to shift to the online platform. One of the biggest supporting factors was the integration of social media platforms from the MLM apps. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest and more came to the rescue of direct selling businesses.

The integration from the mobile app with these social platforms enabled businesses to cross boundaries. From home to the nearby market to intercity, across the city, state, PAN-India and even to other countries – it was possible!


These are some of the primary factors how direct selling business became a boon in India during pandemic. Evaluating the current conditions, the direct selling industry stands amongst the most dependable income generation options. When needed the most, it has stood strong and is going strong in midst of turbulent economic times.

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