Future Ready Network Marketing Software For Your Long Term Business Goals

Just like any other business, the success of multilevel marketing business hugely depends on a plethora of factors. One needs to have an impeccable business planning, a great product mix, a super talented team, attractive commission structure and a future-ready network marketing software

Probably, the most lucrative reason for starting a network marketing business is its ability to reach the overseas markets in the least possible time. Going overseas serves two purposes. One, it helps in enhancing the brand coverage globally (people rely on companies that have operations in multiple countries). Second, the revenues multiply rapidly owing to fast expansion in high-value markets. But one needs to have a future ready network marketing software that offers utmost security, scalability and adaptability, among other features.

Since network marketing software is the soul of the business, it is important to know how it helps in achieving the business goals of a company. Let’s delve deep to know all the relevant details.


Because the world is dynamic, so should be your business. Your business should have the ability to adapt to new commission plans, new products or services without any glitches. Your success is directly related to the adaptability of your network marketing software.

With an adaptable network marketing software, you would easily be able to create/delete new product lines or introduce a new feature in your commission plan. This is essential since different countries are likely to have different product lines or different compensation options


The essence of network marketing business is that many people join your company to market or sell the goods or services offered. With a powerful and future-ready network marketing software, like Ventaforce, you can easily scale. Ventaforce has a robust architecture that has been tested for millions of entries. Also, the software has been successfully powering over 4200 businesses across the world since last twenty years

Multilingual and Multi-currency

If you have ambitions to grow rapidly across the globe, you have no choice but to have network marketing software capable of dealing with multi-currency and multiple languages. You can foster your dreams of going overseas when your network marketing software has the multilingual and multi-currency capability. People not only have more faith when they see the content in their own language, but they are more likely to buy a product when they have their preferred payment modes in the local currency.

Seamless onboarding experience

The most desirable situation for a network marketing company is people willing to join from all over the world. A future ready network marketing software should be able to make the entire onboarding experience a flawless one. The software should be able to handle KYC norms and other local compliances in a jiffy. When the users have a seamless onboarding experience, they are more likely to recommend your company to family and friends.

In the MLM business, the word of mouth plays the most important role in attracting new marketers.

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Compensation plans

People join your company to satisfy their personal financial aspirations. They want to receive adequate compensation for their efforts. For this you want to create attractive compensation mlm plans. Also, develop reward and recognition programs for the people who work hard to sell your company’s products. There is no way you can falter in generating timely compensation pay-out reports along with the release of commissions.

Your future ready network marketing software will help you calculate the complex commissions correctly, every time. It should also help you monitor the reward and recognition endeavors for the agents effortlessly. Moreover, agents can also monitor their progress from wherever and whenever they want.


Since in a network marketing business you deal with 100s of 1000s of customer records, it is even more important that you should have a robust and proven software that offers you iron-clad security. This is to ensure that there are no data-leak instances. Ventaforce offers army-grade security which will lend you 100% peace of mind. Since Ventaforce is based on a 7-leavel security and 3-level architecture, you can rest assured of best-in-class data security.

Final thoughts

To sum up, you need the future-ready network marketing software to further your ambitions of building a successful MLM business empire. As enumerated above, your success depends upon a few things like having best team in place, top-notch product lines, an attractive compensation plan and a superlative network marketing software.

Ventaforce has been in the business since one of the longest periods of over two decades. It has successfully delivered over 4200 projects to the clients across 50 countries. The company behind Ventaforce,Sankalp, is an ISO and CMMI Level 3 Certified company. Since MLM software is the backbone of the business, you ought not take chances.

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