Top MLM Software Ruling The Networking Market In 2021

India has always been a hot favourite for multi-level marketing business. While MLM business is creating new milestones, it’s the MLM software that plays an integral part in the success of the business. If you plan to launch a network marketing business, getting the right MLM software is where to start from! Read this blog to uncover why MLM software ruling the networking market in 2021.

Understanding Network Marketing Business

This business model creates a distributed network to build businesses while offering a great deal of flexibility. Over the years, global companies like Amway, Avon and Tupperware have built a robust networking marketing model. Network marketing business has different tiers of a business model:

  • Single-tier
  • Two-tier
  • Multi-level

Unboxing MLM Software

Often people ask that since MLM involves a direct selling process, why we need MLM software. The answer lies in the question – because it’s a direct selling process! Most easily, MLM software is a multilevel marketing management tool to execute and monitor the business. An affiliate, e-Commerce network, commission plans, clients, or the users – the software manages everything in a single place.

Bundled with enormous features, it seamlessly manages e-wallets, purchases, registrations, reports, compensation plan and much more.  Robust MLM software drives the business by integrating exclusive features that help to build a positive image online.

Manage your Business Growth: Get a complete hold of the operational data with a common dashboard – all in one place! Helping the stakeholders to develop meaningful action plans, the software enables numerous reports to track the business performance.

Created in an organized way, it helps various departments to function in the right manner. In an MLM business, reporting gives you a fair understanding of the different teams, departments and their work analysis.

Automation and Integration: The sole objective of excellent MLM software is to facilitate direct selling. You need to have integrations to make your business seamless as online transactions are the mainstay of MLM business. Right from e-commerce portals to social media and other online platforms, this increases the overall scope and flexibility.

Automating the workflow process maximizes the opportunity of order placements, sales, purchases and other services. Without manual intervention, it connects different modules like Franchise, Distributor, Inventory management and Admin without any hassle.

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency: MLM software enables the business to create a global presence.   Since the business is carried with multiple vendors in different countries, solving the language and currency issues is a priority. Good MLM software supports multi-language to ensure your members can understand and engage in your MLM business.

Converting profits into a local denomination and scaling up your purchase and financial power is a true value of this software. The MLM software enables you to do business better as you empower people to do business in their local currency.

E-Wallet recharge: An e-Wallet is one of the most crucial integrations that competent MLM software must possess! A virtual platform for online transactions, e-Wallet is a wonderful virtual asset that ensures safe and secured transactions.

A customized MLM software comes with advanced features like E-pin, E-wallet and E-money. While you perform a financial transaction, the e-Wallet manages and operates all cash-in, cash-out details alongside storing all financial information. Right from online fund transfers to online shopping and a bonus for members, your e-Wallet manages everything with ease.

Ease of MLM plans: As per the modern MLM strategies, there are diverse network marketing plans that you can select. Advanced MLM software is tailored-made to integrate different plans as per the nature of the business. Below is the list of different types of MLM plans:

  • Binary
  • Matrix
  • Board
  • Generation
  • Hybrid
  • Differential


With unique features and design, it’s necessary to have the right plan that is offered through MLM software.


Commission Management: One of the biggest features of MLM software is commission management or commission tracking. You can keep an online track that everyone receives fair treatment alongside how much commission every member receives. Incorrect payments and unreliable business statements usually result in unsatisfied workers and a decrease in business.


The MLM software is designed to calculate the commission of each member as per the data received through the system. A feature-rich automatic payment system highlights the commission pay alongside having an organized commission cycle.



Getting the best MLM software with the features mentioned above helps you to succeed and expand your MLM business. A robust MLM software is the backbone that helps to bring out the best in your business.


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