Customer Service in Network Marketing Business

Success of Network Marketing lies in how impressive your customer service is. MLM is people’s business, your customer is the King, and so the focus of your business should not only be to provide products or services but to build and nurture a relationship which can last long.

In Network marketing, a particular customer is not only for one time, he or she is a prospect for your repeat business. Hence the relationship matters, it has to be more like a partnership rather than a business-client relationship.

The basic truth is your customer service is one of the differentiating factors in comparison to your competitors. How pleasing and trustworthy your customer service is? Answer to that keeps them coming back to you and you can gain repeat business which will leverage your sales and success.

Generally what happens in many businesses is that they follow every strategies to get the customer to buy the products or service but once they get it, they do not put efforts in keeping them. This creates a bad impression on the customer’s mind and in network marketing mouth to mouth marketing makes a big impact. Thus unless you do not keep your customer satisfied even after you get business from them, you are not making a good impression in the market.

How can you achieve good customer service?

Follow-up:- Once you have sold your product, after some fixed period, have a follow-up session with your customers. Try to find whether the product is useful to them, are they satisfied with it and any feedback on quality and know the areas of improvement.

Good Communication: – Give them all your contact details and make sure to remember them by names. Be open to their queries and prioritize to solve their any type of queries.

Appreciate: – Appreciate your customers for doing business with you by giving them discounts, who regularly buy your products.

Greeting Cards and Thank-You Notes: – Sending greetings and thanks on occasions and festivals will also make them special and will exhibit friendliness and personal touch.

Gifts, free samples: – Generally we give free samples when we want to turn prospects into our customer. But it has to be continued which will give them knowhow of your other products and you can gain a repeat business. Also it will help maintain a friendly relation as the customer feels rewarded by being your client.

Newsletter: – Send them newsletter periodically which give them the information about your business and products.

Have a Customer loyalty programme: – This will make them feel special for being a loyal customer and it will strengthen the bond.

Have a paid referral programme: – This is of crucial importance, as they will motivated to refer your business/products in their circle. It will help you in increasing your reach and sales.

Train and Experience your customer service executives: – The vision of your business may be to provide excellent customer service but if your company executives do not impart that then you cannot achieve your dreams and goals. In order to that, impart training to the customer executives to with soft skills required to deal with customers and educate them to solve customer queries.

Thus, you can see that very minor points which we otherwise tend to ignore will make a huge impact on your business. MLM business is a business of network of people. Hence it is very important that you understand the needs of your customer and what keeps them happy. Not only the good products, or the services will bring business but your repo with the customers matter for growing business, trust, relation and a good reputation.

Ventaforce has integrated e-mail, newsletter and bulk sms facilities. It have also considered awards, rewards and referral points calculations which will facilitate you in achieving your goals and good customer service.

We understand and work effectively to achieve maximum customer satisfaction for your business.

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