Are You Using These MLM Tools To Capture Leads and For Marketing?

Handouts can be a CD, DVD, Pen drive or the reading material and flyer. It contains information about your business and its offers. This tool can be used to let people know what your business and get knowledge on various offers. It is a great tool to introduce yourself.
Landline phones and mobiles are the basic tools for communications. Without these tools communication channel cannot be complete. Video chatting facility like Skype is also a powerful tool as it allows to chat face to face with the person anywhere in the world. When the communication is done face to face it altogether makes an outstanding impression. Phones and mobiles are the basics to start a conversation with an introduction and even for maintaining the contacts thereafter.
Meetings and Presentation:
Once you have introduced yourself and your business to a particular prospect. You can offer them to give a presentation providing considerable information of your business. Nowadays there are lot of tools used to create beautiful, impressive presentations. But important is that it should contain all the relevant information. After giving the presentation, you can even give out cd/dvd/drive/hard copy of your presentation material.
Giving out samples of your products in the neighbourhood or in some of the public places is also very effective. As sample is the physical verification and provides actual experience of what and how your product is to the people.
Blog is a powerful and effective way to keep your customers or the target audience informed about your network marketing business. Blogs may contain the readable content and even audio, video or pictures. It is the medium through which content can be presented in an interesting way.
Business Website/Lead Capture Page:
Having a business website is a must have. Nowadays, mostly all kinds of business have to go online and have their presence. This is due to wide use of internet in people’s daily lives. Lead Capture page is a page on your website where people enters their contact some of the personal details after studying your site and knowing about various offers that your business provide. This is very necessary tool as it generates number of leads as you can do follow up with the prospects from their contact details.
Email System:
Emails are basic form of communication in wired world. Best is you set up the outlook express on your systems for speedy communication. You can mention all your mail addresses on your website so that people can write to you and ask for further information. On the other way round from details obtained from lead capture page, you can email to the prospects.
This is very important tool for MLM. An email autoresponder will collect the prospects details from the lead capture page and store in a database. After that it will send the emails automatically to the collected addresses at the frequency which is set by you for follow-up. Through such emails through autoresponder, you can send text information, audio file, video file, ppt file and other forms of attachments. Autoresponder is very useful as it will automatically do the follow and keep you connected with your prospects which is essential for building a relation.
Facebook Page/Account:
To have your business presence on strong tool as large number of people use Facebook. Plus Facebook offers many features for your business to capture leads and advertise and promote your business in an extremely effective way. It is immensely powerful if used in a tactical way.
YouTube is a most popular platform to promote your business in the form of video. You can even give your business information like schemes, offers, variety of products and you can even present tutorials in order to stay connected with audience. As it is in the visual form, it give people a feel about your products.
You can arrange online webinars to impart knowledge related to your business. It is a live interactive method used nowadays irrespective of where you or your audience are.
Other forms:
Other forms are bulk SMS and nowadays WhatsApp is highly popular in messaging. So once use these tools to send some short messages for any discount offers, new product launch or simply to wish on various occasions.

Network marketing success lies in effective and speedy communication. One can use the above tools and combination of them in their MLM business.
Complete MLM Software Solutions like Ventaforce integrates with many of the above tools. So you get the software advantage as well as in marketing and promotion of your business.
Unleash the potential within you with the help of Ventaforce and take your business to new level.


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