Make Network Marketing Stronger By Motivating Your Downline

Why do you need to motivate your downline?

Motivation is necessary for every person for any kind of job they do. It is because people need reassurance of the quality of the work they deliver and where that quality of work will lead them to in future.

Motivation is a therapy used for keeping up the consistent delivery of quality work and setting examples for others to look at. It benefits two kinds of people – one who is doing the work and the other who needs the work done. This was a fundamental explanation of the term motivation.

In multilevel marketing business, you need a strong network of distributors for selling the products and success lies in that. Even though you have selected experienced and dynamic individuals, everybody needs motivation at one point or the other. As a sponsor, it is critical for you to reach your business target by keeping your distributors motivated.

Let us see how you can motivate your network:

Operational Training: To get the best performance from your distributors, you need to train them in line with your business goals. They need to know

Business Vision and Mission

What goals to set

Ways to promote

Ways to sell your business products or services

Establish deadlines

How to train their downlines

Whom to recruit and How to recruit

By understanding all the above parameters they will feel confident to carry out the strategies which will keep them motivated in achieving their goals and ultimately yours. In addition to that, their motivation will pass on to their downlines.

Project yourself as Mentor: The golden rule to establish a good repo with your downlines is never to be bossy. The relation always stays warm by projecting yourself as a mentor, or a facilitator rather than being a superior. By this attitude, you will keep the self-esteem level of your downlines high, which is the key to confidence and motivation.

Reflect the behaviour which you expect: It is never fair to expect those qualities from your downlines which you do not exhibit. Downlines will look at you as a model and behave accordingly, hence make sure that you

Behave with ethics

Behave with confidence

Be a source of information and be a Facilitator

Stay motivated

Stay optimistic

Show interest in others by healthy communication.

Schedule weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meetings

Stay open to other’s views

Thus your network will be formed on the basis of your attitude towards your downline.

In addition to all the above factors, it is also very important to keep some incentives/awards/offers/schemes to mark success and keep the distributors motivated on getting success.

In MLM, awards or incentives are generally given when any person achieves the defined target by means of business. They are given on the basis of performance and achievement and they also should be balanced, fair, based on efforts, promoting exponential growth, giving recognition.

In MLM and the awards may depend on


repurchase BV/PV

Let us understand the mlm terminology and what these awards are:

Award based on no. of pairs

In binary plan, generally awards are defined as per no. of pairs in the down line. Qualification criteria for award may depend on fresh/cumulative pairs.

Fresh Pairs- Pairs which are considered for qualification of previous award should not be considered for qualification of next award.

Cumulative Pairs- Pairs which are considered for qualification of previous award should be considered for qualification of next award. Generally no. of pairs since date of joining of respective member is considered if awards are based on cumulative pairs.

Awards based on cumulative BV/PV

Qualification criteria for award may depend on cumulative BV/PVs generated due to self-repurchase.

Award based on cumulative earning

Qualification criteria for awards may depend on achievement of pre-defined amount of cumulative earning. Means member can get award1 when his cumulative earning becomes 10000/- and so on.

Award based on level completion

Qualification criteria for awards may depend on level completion of binary/matrix structure. Means suppose, on completion of 1-3-9 structure member will qualify for award.

Award based on down line award qualifiers

For first award, condition may base on pairs/BVs etc. and from second award onwards member with one award-1 qualifier on left side and one award-1 qualifier on right side may be the qualification criteria.

Award based on claiming facility

Business plan may provide facility to member related to acceptance/rejection of qualified award. If member wants to accept the qualified award, he should “claim” the award, if he does not want to accept the award he may “Reject” the award and compete for the next award. In case of rejection, the business considered for that rejected award will be considered for the next award.

In MLM, the company even declares offers/schemes for pre-decided qualification condition and time period. Scheme is nothing but a collection of multiple offers.

Depending upon business plan, member get highest offer within a single scheme or can get multiple offers within a single Scheme.

Conclusion is, your mlm business success lies in the strength of your network. Your network’s strength lies in how well your downlines are motivated to carry out the work.

Their motivational level is reflection of your motivational level, behaviour and attitude. Be sure to instil all the qualities you desire from your network by putting necessary efforts as well as having various incentive programs and rewards and schemes.


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