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7 Reasons Why it’s Time to Replace your Direct Selling Software with Ventaforce

Incompetent MLM software is the main reason why the success rate of direct selling businesses stays low. Most companies in direct selling aren’t sure of what features to look for in an MLM software. Some are blown away by impressive MLM software demos while others make a hasty choice by comparing MLM software prices.

None of this helps a direct selling business in selecting the best MLM software company to partner with. There are dozens of direct selling software companies out there, but clients are still left unsatisfied from the results.

Ventaforce makes its mark as one of the foremost success partner and differentiator for direct selling businesses. A leading MLM software, Ventaforce ensures complete client satisfaction by supporting all aspects of network marketing business models.

Here’s why direct selling companies are replacing their existing MLM software with Ventaforce:

1 Managing Members with Great Care

For direct selling businesses, a master network of their members is responsible for their growth and success. An MLM software that manages members efficiently can ensure steadfast business growth. Ventaforce is packed with a hierarchy of features dedicated to membership management.

Ventaforce takes great care of members and keeps them inspired for every day, which ultimately results in a satisfied customer base and an overall thriving business. Features such as membership renewals and member up-gradation are aimed towards keeping members satisfied with their payouts and progress. Ventaforce also enables transparency for businesses by instating member tracking and identity management functions in the MLM software.

2 Accurate Payouts, Multiple Payment Gateways

The credibility of an MLM software is weighed by its advantages in processing payouts from direct selling commissions. Ventaforce carries out the payout processing tasks with utmost transparency. The direct selling software ensures flawless payout generation and enables the administrators with complete control.

Payout calculations are free from computerized errors, payout data is secured with limited access, and procuring weekly or monthly payout reports is just a few clicks away. Members can use multiple filters to review their payouts. Ventaforce further maintains a provision of rectifying payout errors occurred due to manual mistakes. Members can raise tickets and get payout issues sorted immediately.

Ventaforce has a smooth payroll processing system in place. With payment gateway integrations, members can encash their earnings through:

  • PayU
  • Paytm
  • PayPal
  • RazorPay
  • ATOM
  • PayZa
  • Zest Money (EMI)
  • Stripe
  • Pesapal
  • QuickPay

Ventaforce also uses its e-Pin feature to transfer bonuses and distribute business rewards among its members and the down-line. With Ventaforce, there is no discrepancy in the overall flow of payments for members and business administrators alike.

3 Multiple and Diverse MLM Plans

Some businesses prefer using an MLM software that demonstrate the down-lines in an unbranched, extendable pattern, while some want to view the down-lines in an organized pattern. As a direct selling software, Ventaforce caters to all types of MLM businesses.

The “Generation Tree” MLM plan by Ventaforce depicts relationships between Directs (members) and their down-line in a horizontal manner, where every member added to the network get extended to the same generation level.

Meanwhile, Ventaforce also supports MLM compensation plans such as “Matrix Pay Plan”, “Board Pay Plan”, “Accumulated Differential Pay Plan”, “Hybrid Pay Plan”, “Uni-Level Pay Plan”, “Mono-Line Pay Plan”, “Party Pay Plan”, “Stair Step Pay Plan”, “Australian Binary Pay plan”   and “Binary Pay Plan”. In these plans, the down-line is categorized into multiple levels and extended vertically downwards.

 The Ventaforce team also offers direct sales consultant software and customizes these plans to suit the MLM networking models of clients. The MLM software allows members to view these plans comprehensively, calculate the level-wise count, identify vacant positions, and generate downline reports.

4 E-Commerce Portal Management

For sustainable business growth, direct selling companies are integrating e-Commerce portals in their MLM software. Ventaforce delivers a great combination of MLM software and e-Commerce platforms. It allows the members and administrators to become successful business proprietors.

Through e-Commerce platforms, members can purchase products and services and sell them further to other clients. Soon, this becomes profitable and members place large orders for such products on the e-Commerce portals. Features of Ventaforce’s e-Commerce portal management include multi-currency support, shipping availability, organized shopping carts, discount coupon system and more.

5 Complete Web Management

Ventaforce is a unique MLM software when it comes to website management. The direct sales website software is packed with content management and web development features that help direct selling companies improve their websites. Managing online web content in the form of blogs, product releases, discount offers and more is made easy with Ventaforce. Members and administrators get complete online visibility and are able to keep their website content relevant to their customer needs.

6 7-Layered Security

Built on high-end data security, Ventaforce delivers multi-layered protection to business data. The networking framework behind Ventaforce software is guarded by stringent protocols.

  1. Physical layer – Hardware components such as fast ethernet data connections and asynchronous transfer mode prevent technical failures
  2. Data Link layer – Data packets identify vulnerabilities such as VLAN circumvention and MAC address spoofing
  3. Network layer – Virtual circuits transmit data through routing and switching technologies and manage packet sequencing, internetworking, congestion control, and error-handling
  4. Transport layer – Hosts ensure an end-to-end error recovery
  5. Session layer – Session and connection coordination tools establish, manage and terminate exchanges at each end
  6. Presentation layer – Multiple encryptions transform data into unpenetrable syntax layers
  7. Application layer – End-user processes such as privacy and user authentication become the last tier of this data security architecture

This 7-layered security model ensures Ventaforce stays protected from malware attacks, viruses and unauthorized logins.

7 Success Stories

An ineffective MLM software is the answer to why 98% of people fail in Network Marketing/MLM businesses. Ventaforce has been a trusted solution to this problem for dozens of direct selling companies around.

A leading MLM company in India, troubled with an incompetent software that delivered frequent payout errors, adopted Ventaforce for its latest features, simplified UI (user interface) and error-free payout processing.

An MLM startup was able to tap m-Commerce markets when the Ventaforce team delivered a customized franchise model to its website and application in less than a month.

Check out more success stories on how quick delivery, customization, and dedicated tech support makes Ventaforce a proven solution for direct selling.

Get a free demo of Ventaforce and switch to the best MLM software today. To know more, submit your inquiries here.


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