The Role of a E-Pin Generator In Network Marketing Software

ePin is that nifty feature which lets you access your account information and conduct financial transactions through various e-channels and e-service such as Internet banking, mobile banking, telebanking & eStatements.  For the layman or to use an everyday term, ePins can be compared to prepaid coupons, vouchers, and scratch cards. As network marketing company it is very important that you are familiar with the concept of an ePin and how useful this feature can prove for your business.

MLM business is all about selling products and signing new recruits and this is where ePin helps the most, in making payments and easy sign-ins. As your company grows and membership increases, the ePin feature helps you to collect payment from members with more ease. Essentially an ePin is a security code which facilitates internet dealing like registrations, product shipping and much more. All your product purchase and sales will be safe when used with an ePin.

This means that when you sign up with a network marketing software make sure that it is enabled with the ePin feature. MLM software that is enabled with this feature can manage ePin as well as secure the transactions. With the help of an MLM software, a the ePin security code get easily generated for a smoother handling of all your transactions.

Why an ePIN and the how to generate it?

Network marketing businesses have various processes and procedures such as online registrations, online purchase, member sign in, member renewal etc. With the scope of technology emerging with new tools and techniques, ePin is considered as the most user- friendly and secure way of transaction. It is also thought of as an effective way of adding more memberships. As MLM businesses it is very important that your MLM software is enabled to generate ePin for the numerous operations of your business. Generating ePin is a straightforward process, which is carried automatically by the site admin. Once the ePin gets generated, the admin sends this to the designated member groups, either new or existing through an Email or by the means of integrated SMS gateways.

Advantages of incorporating an ePin system –

  1. Risk-free and safe transaction – Every ePin that gets generated is a very confidential code, which is indiscreetly produced by the MLM software, and very unlikely to get compromised or accessed. ePins thus generated never have a duplicate and makes it difficult for speculations.
  2. Flexible transactions – With the help of ePin function, the eMoney or eWallet transactions are carried on in a more flexible and secure method.
  3. Assessments and estimations – All ePins that are produced, used or declined to follow an easy & effective monitoring and assessment cycle so that there is a record of every single ePin that gets generated. As this encourages business transparency, your Network Marketing company can generate an unlimited number of ePins and allows your business to grow more.
  4. Boost for the business – MLM companies can project ePin as a way to promote the website. New recruits will be better convinced to join the business as the concept of ePin allows for a secure and easy payment mode. Not just this it also ensures a smoother performance in lesser time and effort.
  5. Website admin – The designated website admin can construct the ePin with a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters, admins also are able to define and administer the length of characters as well as the expiration date of an ePin. Yet another feature which makes the ePin so remarkable is that once they expire, it is unusable, they must be canceled or unregistered.
  6. Transcending boundaries – As businesses continue to grow and expand globally, the ePin proves to be effective in cross-border transactions. Network marketing businesses are secure in the knowledge that they can carry transaction and register members in the most secure way possible.

With all the above advantages, it is important that you make a prudent decision with your MLM software, ensuring that it has the following ePin related features such as secure login, creating ePin, generating ePin, issuing and blocking ePin. Browsing the history and other details of your ePin. Given the demands and expectations of the MLM industry, an ePin serves as the finest and safest way for registrations, payments, and transactions of members. Considering the many uses and benefits of the ePin it is growing as one of the most sought-after features in an MLM software.


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