What to Look For in Network Marketing Software?

Inspired by the soaring success of MLM companies such as Amway and Avon Products, several marketing entrepreneurs are venturing out into direct selling businesses. And, when they face the question of “How do I start a network marketing business?”, the most common answer to that turns out to be – with the use of a trustworthy & highly secured network marketing software.

But, before sitting for an MLM software demo, there are some important pointers to keep in mind. These factors depict a clear picture of what an MLM software offers and how it fulfills the business requirements. The factors below can help clients differentiate between various MLM software, and ultimately assist them in making the right choice.

Simple UI

To start off, let’s be aware that MLM software is continuously used by members and administrators in a network marketing business. Members need on-the-go usability, while administrators prefer operating on a single-panel, unified and organized MLM software.

Ideally, the UI/UX design of a direct selling software should be simple and easy to use. Consistency in the presentation of menus, sub-menus, and filter options enables simpler navigation for users, especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy. A simple UI prevents confusion for users and promotes confidence among them to help meet their daily/monthly direct sales targets.

Accurate Payout Processing

In network marketing, commission payment software that goofs up the payout calculations is of no use. An error-free, transparent and uniform payroll processing is an important feature of a good MLM software.

A 99.99% accuracy in payout processing ensures each member gets the right payment. Leading MLM software such as Ventaforce also offers additional payout processes such as:

  • Cheque printing
  • Payout analysis
  • Binary MLM calculators
  • Commission reports & financial statements generation
  • E-wallet management
  • Rewards and bonus distribution
  • Multiple payout clubbing

Administrators also need real-time access to commission ledgers for monitoring business growth. At the same time, they need an option to carry forward or bring forward excess commission amounts to the next payment cycle. It is wise to go for an MLM software that comprises of a wide range of such payout features.

Multiple Support System

When direct selling businessmen are puzzled with “How do I get success in network marketing?”, they usually resort to using an MLM software that is compatible with multiple systems. It is evident that software with single-mode compatibility is not going to help any direct selling company.

An MLM software should be developed on a globalized support system i.e international MLM software features, where multiple options are made available to keep the business running. The software should have multi-currency and multi-linguistic support that ensures smooth payment disbursement and unrestricted communication.

A great MLM software also enables all product vendors an opportunity to collate on a single platform and binge with the parent direct selling business. Along with multi-vendor support, the software should also provide multi-store assistance through a centralized store management system.

Modular Integrations

To boost the efficiency of a network marketing system, the software has to be enabled with various integrations. Comprehensive MLM software provides integrations on different modules and across multiple platforms. For example, the all-module support feature of Ventaforce makes it apt for distributor back office, inventory and product management, admin back office, e-Commerce portal management as well as franchise management.

High-end Data Security

Every online network marketing software runs in a connected environment, where cyber threats are imminent. If the software is not protected with the latest security measures, a malware attack can lead to data theft, increased downtime and the subsequent drop in business growth.

The direct selling marketplace experiences fierce competition and there are high chances of an MLM company falling prey to corporate espionage. In such cases, some competitors adopt the malpractice of hacking into MLM software to victimize the rival company by corrupting or stealing all of its business data.

All direct selling software must be adept protecting itself from random as well as targeted attacks. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for products provided by several MLM software companies. Nonetheless, the multi-tiered, 7-layer data security model of Ventaforce makes it a credible software controls and manages MLM data securely.

Fully Scalable and Customizable

For selecting a network marketing management software that suits a growing business, direct selling companies should always consider the scope for customization and scalability. When business gains agility and an existing MLM software is unable to size up accordingly, replacing the software becomes a major challenge for companies.

It is wise to opt for scalable direct selling software that adapts to future changes. Similarly, an MLM software with customization options is ideal for long-term use. From MLM plans and commission processing to report generations and system filters, the software should enable complete customizations.


The last but the most important factor to look for in a network marketing software is the usage costs. Before selecting the software, make sure that pricing plans are well-assessed. Non-uniform pricing could lead to overspending during annual renewals. Make sure that entailing costs are clearly described in the SLAs (service license agreements) of the software company.

In addition to the upfront expenses, it is important to consider the hidden costs of tech support, software upgrades, security patch deployment, and debugging as well. Taking all these into account, Ventaforce’s MLM software prices are crystal clear, all-inclusive and easy to understand.

So, what is the challenge in network marketing for you? If it is selecting the right MLM software, then take this quick walkthrough and find your solution today.

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