What Is Party Plan MLM? How Does Party MLM Plan Work?

What Is Party Plan MLM? How Does Party MLM Plan Work?

The multi-level marketing industry has evolved many different types of compensation plans.

The compensation plan decides the member network structure and placement of every distributor in the company. It is a hierarchy tree of members participating in the company.

The compensation plan decides the bonuses and commission calculations standards for distributors in direct selling companies, hence they are also known as income plans. Binary, generation, matrix, uni-level are a few popular MLM compensation plans to name.

A Hybrid MLM plan is a combination of different types of MLM compensation plans, whereas Party Plan is another interesting MLM compensation plan to understand.

This time, we are here to describe a new and growing approach i.e., MLM Party Plan. In this post, we will discuss what Party Plan MLM is and how does it work for MLM along with some other important features the plan. 

What is MLM Party Plan?

Party Plan is used by many of the modern product-based MLM companies to promote or publicize their products. The main focus of this plan is over the social events such as get-togethers, parties, competitions and others such. On such occasions, the company’s products are kept on display to attract people and improvise sales. 

Tupperware is biggest plastic utensil MLM company uses the Party MLM Plan. 

Such a concept is highly followed for the products such as cosmetics, kitchenware, containers, nutritional products and many others. These boosting activities are common among females through their kitty parties or get-togethers. At the same moment, males are also dominating the existence of such Party Plan by focusing on the services such as consulting for the company service, representing the company in front of a large audience and boosting the sales. At such points, the consultants might be paid a percentage of commission for the sales they make at the event. 

The MLM Party Plan works similar to the other MLM plans but here the focus is to attract more people and boost sales easily via small events. Such a party plan is generally used to launch new products along with offers, schemes or special discounts for a specified time. This plan can be used to educate the customers regarding the existing products and their uses or benefits over other products. 

How Does MLM Party Plan Works?

As we discussed, the major objective of the Party Plan is to focus on parties and people accommodated there. The first step as per this plan is to search for influential people having social standings. Such people are given the placement as a consultant or independent contractors who sell products or services to receive a commission. 

ventaforce mlm party plan

The company provide such consultants with basic assistance to organize any event along with the promotional products or other promotional things having company logo or brand image. The consultants also get promotional marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, booklets and many more. The same consultants organize events for the promotion of company products and invite their social connections. 

Once the party begin and come in full swing when people start enjoying the consultants introduce the company and its products at the right time and attract the guests towards products and lure them to purchase the same. The guests might get attracted to purchase the products as they get convinced or due to obligation. 

At such parties, the guests are more likely to make purchases at such events due to social pressure or by getting attracted to the products and their benefits. For the majority of companies, the Party Plan seems to be the best advertising tool and marketing opportunity where consultants earn a good number of commissions and the company get the benefits of consultants to generate more sales. 

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Advantages of Party Plan

There are a lot of benefits of using the Party Plan, let us have a look over a few of them. 

  • The Party Plan seems to be more effective than other existing promotion plans. One of the major reasons behind it is, the party guests must be knowing the consultant and hence they might take his/her recommendation a bit more seriously than any other stranger following them for advertisements or promotions. 
  • When the company hire one consultant to represent them at the party, they not only get boosted sales but also achieve the opportunity to attract new consultants from the parties who tend to host events and earn commissions. Such people can also become the face of the company in other events that they organize. 
  • The company gets the opportunity to build a better brand reputation as the product launches or consultant’s explanations remain active in the minds of guests. As and when guests memorize the party event, they also remember the brand name of products that were explained to them and that they purchased. 
  • The parties are perfect events to introduce new and innovative products to a wide range of audiences. When the products are explained in the social events, the consultants get enough time to attract customers. This concept is highly recommended over asking celebrities or any well-known people to advertise the products. 
  • The products are offered at comparatively lower prices to the guests at events through the Party Plan than the actual product prices. Hence customers get the benefit of lowered prices without waiting for occasions, festivals or other such schemes. 
Establish Company with Party MLM Plan

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Popular Incomes from Party Plan

The MLM companies define compensation plans where they include many different types of incomes. As per the Party Plan, a few of the common incomes can be included as follows: 

i. Party Bonus

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ii. Rank Achiever Bonus

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iii. Matching Bonus

The regulations for this bonus are mainly different as per the companies. But generally, it is paid when the consultant’s rank matches the rank of affiliate in the downline. 

iv. Referral/Sponsor Bonus

This bonus works as a motivational bonus that is paid when the active members are enrolled by the consultants in the company. 

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