The Best Mobile App for Direct Selling Industry

The Best Mobile App for Direct Selling Industry 2022

it’s hard to imagine a world without a smartphone!

Think of a time you simply left your smartphone at home. Did you feel nervous about it?

Were you worried about missing a news update or text? By 2020, consumers spent 3 hours and 45 minutes on their smartphone daily, which was a 9-minute increase from the previous year.

The mobile application industry is a constantly growing for the past few years.

Did you know

More than 70% of people i.e. 5.07 Billion people in the world use smartphone. Interestingly, 70% of the time people use any mobile application on their digital media, with an average use of 3 hours and 45 minutes daily.

It’s a massive number of people who like to spend time on mobile applications, hence businesses found a huge opportunity here and expanded to another sky. So how does the direct selling industry remain quiet on it?

Actually, many direct selling companies have cracked growth with their mobile application and maybe you have no idea about it. But don’t worry, We are here to help you out.

In this post, we are going to share details about the best mobile application for your MLM business, we are talking about Ventaforce Application – Network Marketing Application.

Ventaforce: The Best Mobile App for Direct Selling Industry

We all know, MLM Software remains the heart of every network marketing company.

Earlier most MLM Software was used to be the only website or web application. But nowadays distributors want everything on their tiny pocket devices, so mobile applications come into the picture.

Hence, We build a solution for you named Ventaforce Application. This application is more efficient, easy to use and fast with lots of features compared to a traditional website.

If you have long experience in the direct selling industry, you will know the actual requirement of products like the Ventaforce mobile application. If not, then below are some solid facts on, Why you need the Ventaforce app for your MLM Company and why it is the best network marketing app for the direct selling industry?

Easy to Use

Ventaforce Application is designed to provide the simplest and most attractive interface. In every direct selling company, there can be thousands to millions of distributors, and considering their ease, we build our Ventaforce application for complete satisfaction for the users.

Having several features and dynamic processing, the Ventaforce Application’s interface doesn’t confuse the users. Ventaforce Application provides all required features for operating direct selling business on the few-inch touch screen.

More Functionality

Compared to websites an average application can provide more features at no extra load on the users’ device.

Ventaforce application is a one-tap business management environment, where a to z features are fitted on one screen. Moreover, mobile applications have better compatibility, transitions, usability, and functionalities compared to web applications.

From distributors registration to auto monthly payout, every small to major operation can be performed on the Ventaforce Application.

Better Customer Retention

After Covid-19 Pandemic, there is a 23.3% rise in downloads of Mobile App. For every future brand, Mobile Application is a must-have aspect, especially with direct selling companies as distributors need to track their business on application.

Applications remain in the device after one install. It makes users aware of the presence of your organization. Moreover, the Ventaforce Application provides a smooth experience that brings users back to you.

Even 10% extra customer retention becomes a game-changer for every business.

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Build Your Brand

It’s the brand value, which differentiates an organization from others. Nowadays businesses highly rely on technology and we don’t want your MLM company to stay behind.

To build a successful brand, you have to provide the best facilities to your customers and here to your MLM distributors.

Ventaforce Application is all in one solution for MLM companies. This powerful application provides the best experience to your customers and distributors.

Much Efficient

There is no question about Mobile applications are much efficient than web applications. The mobile application resides in the smartphone, so most of the resources are already loaded and very little internet data need to update information in the application.

Ventaforce  Application can operate on a slow internet connection after a one-time install. Like websites, all resources don’t need to reload every time on opening it.

Users don’t need to remember any website domain and one icon click connects users to your organization.

Lots of Features

This post is not enough to explain all the features of the Ventaforce direct selling app. Still, the major features of the Ventaforce Application are as follows.

  • Registration
  • dashboard 
  • My Network
  • Notification
  • Commission
  • Reports
  • Achievement
mlm app features

We always care for our customers. Operating a direct selling company is a back-breaking job and we really want to make things easy for you.

Ventaforce MLM Solutions is trusted and used by 1,000+ direct selling companies globally. We provide 24*7 support and regular updates to keep your success graph up.

Long story short, Ventaforce is the most reliable MLM solution provider in the direct selling industry. Ventaforce Application is built with complete vigilance for your assurance.

This is the end of the post, where we explained about Ventaforce: the best app for the direct selling industry.

If you still wondering about the use case of the Ventaforce application, its pricing or have other confusion, then we can help you with this as well.

You can take a free demo of the Ventafroce Application to understand more about it. Our executive will help you with every complexity you face. Let us give a chance, to serve you to the best.

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