Use of Social Media in Network Marketing

social media
Today, the new platform where you can connect with your friends, share your likes and dislikes, endorse your views and even products is the “social media”. It is the most happening thing to have hit the web, but are these networks big enough to use in network marketing?  The largest social networks based on active monthly users are Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest with 200 million active monthly users each. That is a huge volume of social network happening, so do you think you can use it for your network marketing?

Social media is the one place where you can build lasting relationships and trust for your target market, but most importantly, you should remember that it is not a market place where you can sell things. Social media networking had been created specifically for people to meet, reconnect with old friends, and catch up with classmates, and you can use all these connections to further your network marketing business. However, as with all businesses you need to be smart, in order to tactfully convert these connections into your clients.

Here is how you can go about doing it:

Firstly you need to select your target niche, connect with people, talking and commenting on the issues and the issues that your product may help resolve. You need to provide informative and quality content, which would help your target audience address their problems, and then you can lead them to a place where they can subscribe to your list, but keep the supply of good content constant.

Stating a few examples;

On Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites, you can search for your target groups and join them; you can make friends with all the members of the group, as mainly they would be like-minded people. Join in the discussions that take place on the various issues, it would be more of a learning and sharing experience as you can learn and share the expertise with other members.

You could also start your own group and invite like-minded people to join it. You can also use the twitter search to find people.

Providing quality content is the most essential thing required to build lasting relationships, but do not forget to add a link at the end of your article to lead people for more information to you.

Meeting and Connecting with people is the most important aspect of network marketing and what better place to do so than on social media!

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