Top Network Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On

Every business across the globe has to follow the current market trends to stay afloat in the industry. Staying aloof and not being flexible in adapting to the changes can push out of the race in no time. This applies even to the ever-growing Network marketing industry in India that witnessed all-time growth in recent years. 

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What are the Top Network Marketing trends? What sort of marketing & Business strategy will be the most popular in the coming year, and how can an Network Marketing company leverage its knowledge around these trends?

The blog brings to light the top networking marketing trends in 2021 that are shaping the industry in the right direction. Let’s explore one by one-

1. Brand Recognition

As companies keep adding every year, networking marketing companies face fierce competition! Research suggests that customers feel safe to engage with brands that have prominence at different levels. Safety, quality and brand value have become the critical success factors for companies to evolve in the market.

In current times of pandemic, brands have to establish themselves as leaders in the market. Generating a buzz in the customer’s mind goes a long way in creating an impact and push them in buying products. Collating quality offerings, affordable prices, excellent customer service are few elements that brands offer to customers.

2. Digitalization

The ever-growing needs of MLM business are not restricted to the offline mode. Technology is the biggest innovation that has become the core of network marketing in 2021. Be it small to medium firms or established enterprises, embracing a technology partner has paved the way to countless growth possibilities.

MLM software has become the need of the hour. With excellent features like Multi-Store, E-Commerce, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Multi-Vendor, Website Replication, an MLM software caters to the wide requirements. Enhanced use of digital platforms is increasing the ‘user experience’ in form of analytics, customer behaviour and growth performance.

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3. Effective Use of Networking Channels

MLM business is all about utilizing your network in a structured way to expand your business. Trained by experienced industry leaders, entrepreneurs and firms are adapting to new-age principles to stay ahead in the league.

In the current time, building transparent relations is going to be a game-changer. Keeping everyone involved, dealing internally with the team and managing the software, dealing with suppliers, and creating happy customers is the crux. Since business is low due to the pandemic, sticking with proven networking channels is the key. While earlier enterprises tried to experiment based on niche products, 2021 is the time to use the right channels accurately.

4. Global SalesForce

As everything has shifted or aligned with the online world, 2021 will be a year of growth in the same direction. While the top network marketing brands already have a global reach, small to medium businesses are still growing. The young sales force and the new level of commission payments are a treat for direct selling companies.     

 With a growing team of influencers and technical-centric training in different regions, MLM marketing is exploring new market avenues. Since there are no territorial limits, the rising number of young sales force will be a key factor in taking the business forward.

5. Feasibility in Payment

Since the advent of top MLM software’s, integration with various digital payment platforms has increased considerably. In 2021, reports highlights that with flexible payment systems in place, the overall business has increased. As technologies have come into the system that supports multi-currency and multi-country, e-Commerce businesses are offering secure payment options.

Analysts predict that digital wallet transactions will increase by 52% within the direct selling industry. This has resulted in a smooth and secure MLM business without any risks. People have the awareness that helps them to get the right MLM software that is integrated with a professional E-wallet system.


As people continue to look out for innovative business ideas, the network marketing business is on a steady rise in India. Reports suggest that network marketing will reach upto 159.3 billion by 2021 and touch 645 billion by 2025! The above top networking marketing trends in 2021are the biggest contributors this year and will play a key role in the future

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