Top 15 Network Marketing Tools for Improving Productivity in an MLM Company

What are the best network marketing tools for improving work at an MLM business?

There are some specific direct selling tools that can make a massive difference to the MLM company, whether you’re building a business online or offline. These tools range from hi-tech to popular, offline to online.

Let’s dive into how network marketers can benefit from using these top 15 direct selling tools.

#1. Newsletter

Dedicated network marketers must mail newsletters in a frequent way to provide updates to clients and generate leads. This is a simple, effective strategy for connecting with prospects, customers and the team. It’s important to take the time to publish a newsletter with regularity.

#2. Marketing Collateral

An important way to introduce businesses, products and systems is handing out informational material to the prospects. This gives an overview of the multi-level marketing program and enables prospects to contact your business for more details. Handouts can include DVDs, CDs, thumb drives or reading materials.

It is important to be aware of the information you are sharing and have follow-ups to answer the queries of prospective customers and potential clients.

#3. Event Scheduling Tools

Tools like When2meet are free and perfect for scheduling events and meetings. Determine the best time and place to plan the next event or meeting based on the availability contacted.

#4. Contact Management, Goal Tracking, Followup and Email Marketing Tools

Many apps work like your very own virtual assistant, helping you to focus on building and nurturing your list of prospects. Apps like myBeeHyve can boost productivity and revenue generation for an MLM business. The apps also enable users to create follow up activities and receive reminders when it is time to follow up.

These tools also make it easy to track each touch-point and carry out advanced contact search. Bulk contact import, goal tracking, custom fields and bulk emailing are also taken care of, by the app. Such apps are changing the way network marketers manage contacts, link up with prospects and build their business. It offers a contact management system unlike others, built to address the needs of a growing network marketing marketplace.

#5. Graphic Design Tools

MLM marketers need compelling content for which powerful graphics are a must. Choose graphic design tools like Canva for creating beautiful content for social media, sites, presentations, posters and a whole lot more. Choose from pre-designed layouts and ensure content is consistent and professional.

#6. Social Media Tools

Leveraging social media channels is as important as any of the other strategies discussed here for growing your network marketing company. Choosing which one to focus on can be hard. You need social media platforms where your clients are most likely to be found. Additionally, you also need to consider which channels you are active on and presently using.

Robust social media platforms like Facebook offer a host of tools like a personal Facebook profile, Facebook groups or Business/Professional Facebook Page. These enable one to identify and stay ahead of prospects, customers, and competitors. See how others can be guided in your MLM firm to get the network marketing solution implemented with maximum ease.

Free social media channels like YouTube are also invaluable for network marketers as these enable the direct seller to host videos to share on blogs, websites, social media profiles, and email marketing platforms. The video itself has become an effective network marketing medium.

#7. Social Media Scheduling and Posting Tools

Tools like Clinchshare or Hootsuite can help you to create and schedule content posts on multiple social media channels from a single dashboard. These tools are built keeping network marketing firms in mind. Schedule posts for online events and share as well as copy posts with the team for easy duplication of efforts.

#8. Video Conferencing Tools

Network marketers can easily video conference with tools like Zoom that enable them to see uplines, downlines, and real-time prospects. Via Zoom, team training, opportunity or product presentations and mentoring sessions can be conducted.

#9. Email Marketing Tools

These include tools like MailChimp which enable your individual and bulk emails to send in record time, with the minimum effort. It’s an easy way to come up with, send, share and track email newsletters online. Emails can be sent easily without expending too much effort or too many resources.

#10. Tools for Creating, Organizing and Collaborating Documents

Free tools from search engine major Google can be used to create spreadsheets, forms, presentations, polls and documents and shared across devices and teams without downloading or sending massive files one by one. Further, the documents are updated in real time across teams and devices, so work is never duplicated or missed out on.

#11. Lead Generation Tools

Tools like Viral Content Bee are great for finding prospects in industries of your interest. Lead generation becomes easier and helps in making a sizable difference to your MLM business. Prospect management tools like these are extremely beneficial for zeroing in on prospective and potential customers.

#12. Webinars

These are a great way to leverage the way network marketing presentations are carried out. Through webinars, presentations have a wider reach for network marketing companies. Additionally, there’s a bigger impact as you can leave a link to the best webinar platforms in notes and resources.

#13. Auto-Responding Systems

An automated email marketing tool like Aweber can help network marketers to stay in touch with their subscribers or team members. Communicating with everyone on the team or prospects requesting information becomes easy with one click of the mouse.

#14. Tools for Boosting Sales

Increase the growth of your MLM team as well as sales and lead generation through tools like Facebook Groups and WordPress blogs or even YouTube as a leverage. Another great network marketing tool is the use of online communication channels and forums to reach out to wider audiences.

#15. Network Marketing Software

Last, but never the least, is network marketing software. Yes, MLM software can make a difference to the efficiency with which direct selling businesses can manage their operations. It is, in fact, the best tool to leverage for improving productivity and attaining work targets.

Choose MLM software Ventaforce for the best business outcomes. Ventaforce is a unique direct selling software that harnesses innovation and quality that can never be taken for granted. This budget-friendly MLM software is the sharpest tool in your network marketing kit with over 151+ features.

So while tools like Facebook Group and MailChimp can automate the lead generation and email marketing steps required in network marketing, don’t miss out on MLM software that can actually impact your business profits in multiple ways. Power your business using Ventaforce and move ahead of your competitors.

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