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Customized Direct Selling Software That Best Fits Your Business Needs!

The direct selling association has reported that direct selling sales today are estimated around $114 billion worldwide. This is an indication that there are endless avenues for direct selling individuals who can get hold of the right product and an established company.

While this coveted business opportunity is definitely one that enthralls many, it is important to remember that success doesn’t come easy.

To help you steer ahead with these uncertainties it is essential that you arm yourself with the latest technological aids and one such aid is a direct selling software. A direct selling software is a key which will enhance your organizational performance and provide you with complete control over the working of your business. It assembles a range of comprehensive solutions for all your direct selling needs.

That said, it is equally important that you team up with the right direct selling software company, as the current market offers an exhaustive range of direct selling software.

So, if you are on the lookout for the perfect deal, it is time to rejoice as there your search ends with Ventaforce. Here is a direct selling solution that has proved its mettle, since the 2001 and is not just top rated but a global leader that has positioned direct selling companies to grow in the competitive landscape.

Forged with a cutting-edge technology, Ventaforce is one of the most secure MLM software among contemporaries today and is equally adaptable for both start-ups as well as enterprise level direct selling companies. Ventaforce accomplishes all the top characteristics of a superior software, such as a pluggable architecture which renders it’s scalable & adaptable for all future enhancements.

Ventaforce comes with an array of more than 151 MLM software features and offers a coverage of more than 25+ compensation plan. And one of the most enticing elements of this direct selling software is that it can be completely customized to best fit your business needs.

Below is a detailed account of how Ventaforce scores among competitors with its features and functionalities making it the top-ranking software:

A software package replete with the best features

Ventaforce which is developed by Sankalp CS, a premier direct selling software company is packed with highly advanced and specialized features that serve as a one-stop solution for all your direct selling business needs. Features such as Multi-Currency, Multi – Language, Multi-Vendor, MultiStore, Replicated Website, Payment Gateways, and eCommerce Integrations make Ventaforce a well-rounded software that gives you the much-needed edge in the competition.

With these and many other features are what help in providing an extensive coverage for all your business needs, making Sankalp the world’s best MLM software company.

Completely integrated direct selling software

Your direct selling software needs to function like a well-oiled machine and a software like Ventaforce brings with it an exceptional capability of integrations with the internal systems of the organization.

The entire team of developers, engineers and designers are committed to customizing the software to match the exact needs of the client & Ventaforce is developed in such as way making it a flexible direct selling software whose functionality can be tailored to fit across various industries and verticals.

As direct selling businesses, you stand to gain from a software of world-class repute and all with affordable costing. Yet another feature that makes Ventaforce a preferred software is the feature of scalability which is integral to support the growing needs of any business.

The range of MLM Marketing plans

Commission planning, payout distribution etc are key elements of a direct selling business and this direct selling software solution offers an entire range of MLM plans. Binary, Matrix, Board, Generation, Hybrid and the Differential plan are just some of the these favoring the varied needs of a direct selling professional.

What’s more the entire team at Sankalp strives to walk you through the process of selecting a business plan to achieve the most results along with customizing these plans based on the client’s requirements.


Today, Sankalp is at its zenith owing to a deep-rooted commitment to providing timely, reliable and quality services, maintenance and support for all our customers making Ventaforce the leading direct selling software for all direct selling software companies.

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