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Network marketing Prospecting can be Undertaken In Festive Season Too!

India is a country full of festivals. Diwali, Dussehra is the time when people are free from their workload and enjoy their ‘quality’ time with friends and family. In fact, even marketers have a gamut of reasons to give to their bosses while looking for prospects – they are not answering, they are not available etc. That’s the reason why, many marketers choose to finish their pending work in the holiday season than prospecting. They feel their prospecting is not going to be reciprocated or won’t turn fruitful and thus they remain aloof in the festive season. However, there are can be another side, wherein you might get prospects in festive season too with interesting MLM Business Plan. So, read on to know network marketing tips to have a successful festive prospecting.

Prospects Are Unengaged:

Its festival time and so, your prospects are sitting back and relaxing. Most importantly, they have no work in mind and have no stress. In fact, this is the right time to get hold of them to convince them to join your network. Not only this, this time-period is also productive for your prospects to give it a thought on your proposal.


When you have a festive season kick starting you tend to meet your close family and friends. This group is the best medium where you can pitch your business proposal. As mentioned above, people are unengaged and so they have time to think about your proposal. Most importantly, directly or indirectly, they are related to you and so they can trust you.

No Competition:

Just like you, your competitors might also think that the festive season is not good for prospecting and thus, you will not have much competition. As your prospects are free, they can be contacted easily and if they like your proposal, they might just give you the much-needed break.

Assistants Too Are Off Duty:

Several times while targeting CEO or top-notch executives, you have to go through a filter process – and this process is none other than their assistants. Several times, before communicating with the bosses, the assistants avoid you and don’t let you accomplish your goal. So, in the festive season, assistants too are off duty and thus getting through the management team becomes easier.

Shortage Of Cash Flow:

Several times, people are looking for cash flow in holidays because many companies might be shut down thus there is no cash flow as such. That’s why this is the right time for prospecting. You can convince them to start working for you to earn that extra income. You should basically open new ways for their income sources. Moreover, people have goals to achieve during the festive season and they are in need of cash to fulfill them. In this situation, you can be their knight in the shining armour to save from the crisis.

To sum up, the festive season is a proper package for prospecting. Prospects are stress-free, free from the workload, free from bothersome people and thus it is the right time for you to take the lead. So, if you aren’t still thinking over prospecting in the festive season, then definitely give it a go and take the lead!

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