Churn Out The Perfect Panel Discussion!

Now-a-days, be it any field, communication and networking is very important. Today, every company makes it a point to have a conference organized by them wherein they invite prominent speakers. These speakers not only mesmerise participants with lectures, but also test their skills with quizzes and other activities. One such activity that is very pivotal is a panel discussion in which there is a moderator who introduces the topic and the panelists start giving their views on the same. So, do you also want to have a panel discussion in your conference? Then quickly browse through network marketing tricks for a successful panel discussion.

Size And Duration Of The Panel:

Try and have a small size of panel probably including 4-5 people. With this, there will be an equal allocation of ideas as every member will get time to share his/her views. Also, with pre-decided time, the discussion won’t stretch too long, not disturbing other commitments.

Know Your Members:

This is very important while conducting a discussion because it is very important to be well-versed with their names and profiles. Introduce yourself, and keep yourself updated on the topics that the panelists will be focusing. For this have a prior discussion regarding the topics because this will avoid clashing of same ideas.

Make Members Comfortable:

Your members are the soul of your discussion and thus making them comfortable is very important. Don’t bombard them with any personal question or question which is out of context. To avoid this situation, give them an idea about all questions and stick to the plan. Not just this, but request your members to not give any answers which sound scripted and try and ensure that they give genuine answers.

Keep The Focus:

This is very important because in the flow, the discussion can go haywire and to avoid this – don’t lose focus. Note down a flow or channel and follow accordingly. Make sure that every participant gets a chance to speak up and express his/her views. Don’t try to steal the limelight by using appropriate tone and gesture.

Good Listener:

While discussion, maintaining patience and listening to what others are saying is very important. Always keep a note of the points that the members have mentioned and take some references of those points if you want to. Referring these points might make the discussion more interesting. Also, while putting up your point narrate it like a story because that strikes a chord with the audiences. Give examples so that audience can relate to it.


Last but not the least – make proper arrangements for the discussion. Make sure everything is in place, the seating arrangements, light arrangements and also the mic/microphone arrangements. One mistake in these arrangements can lead to the failure of the panel discussion. Also, keep a wireless mic ready amongst the audiences so they can shoot questions at the panelists.

While carrying out all these tasks, don’t forget to greet your guests on arrival and departure as well. The more spirited attitude and focused, the more successful your panel discussion will be! So, go ahead and conduct a panel to retain the topmost position of the MLM business success ladder!

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