Network Marketing Made Easy by our MLM Software

It’s probably an established fact that Network Marketing or Direct Selling isn’t as easy as other forms of corporate of capitalistic businesses. While this can partly be attributed to the lack of awareness in this field in general, majority of difficulties in managing Network Marketing set ups is also due to the haphazard management rules and unavailability of effective support tools in this domain. However, to help you structure out your MLM ease with absolute success and ease, we at Sankalp present to you a holistic MLM software –Ventaforce.

An exclusive and end-to-end MLM software, Ventaforce caters to all your business needs by helping you with the following aspects:

  • It provides you the ability to manage a growing workforce with ease. Since a Multi-Level Marketing business majorly relies on the number of distributors in its network, it is crucial for the business owner to be able to seamlessly grow his network by managing each level of sponsors and downlines with absolute ease. And that’s exactly what Ventaforce helps you with! By letting you segregate the total downline counts and other details such as recent joiner statuses and so on, it allows even the most complex MLM businesses to be handled with comfort.
  • It also offers virtual payment options to each of the members in your network. This simply means that for every successful sale, your downlines can receive the payments in their e-wallets or virtual money accounts in the software. This helps you do away with lengthy and laborious payment methods such as cheque transfers and lets you save a precious lot of time and resources that would otherwise be lost on such outdated techniques! Similarly, new members also get to join your network via an easy E-pin functionality that plays the role of an online recharge/purchase coupon for the starter pack and other products that you intend to sell.
  • It allows you to manage every aspect of Inventory with absolute flexibility. Ventaforce is equipped with elaborate tabs for Product categorization as well as Stock Inward, Return and Transfers. It also incorporates features such as online purchase order generation and supplier detail management, thus enabling every MLM business to foster and grow at a fast pace. After all, your precious time and resources should never get wasted on repetitive and otherwise tedious tasks, and thus Sankalp helps you build the best technology for your MLM business.

Forget about the hassles of managing your Networking Marketing business today by logging on to

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