Myths about multi-level marketing business

The Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing business is growing popular day by day. Though it had earned enough flake in the past, various legal advancements and favorable news sections in this regard have helped clear the air about its effectiveness as a form of business.

Additionally, big names such as Amway, Oriflame, and Tupperware are continuing to prove that Direct Selling and Network Marketing are the most solicited means of doing business. In a bid to bust the most common myths around multi-level marketing, we bring to you the below list:

A Network Marketing business is perceived as a scam:

Owing to a pyramid-like structure, it is often said that a Network Marketing business is illegal and hence is hardly trusted by all. Unlike the illegal Pyramids that basically pay off the old members with the registration amount of the new recruits, Network marketing companies are in fact genuine and distribute real profits only against an actual sale of their products. Being regulated by a strict government body, the MLM industry is a safe and legalized business entity and is thus growing by the hour each day.

An MLM business focuses only on the top few levels of the chain:

A very popular argument around the MLM business is that only the members who come in early can earn profits. This simply implies that those who join in later do not stand any chance of earning a substantial income. However, this is clearly untrue. In a Network Marketing business, Income is related to effort and not position. To come to think of it, you are allowed the sell the same products to the same unrestricted clientele. Thus, you too can stand an equal chance of earning profits, regardless of your position in the plan.

An MLM business doesn’t work in the long run:

Another misleading rumor about the MLM business is around its sustainably. It is often debated that a network marketing business fails to work in the long run and often reaches its saturation point. But this is of course not true. In fact, due to its infinite structure, chances are that a network marketing business will only grow by the day! Since there is an unending force of people in the world, the prospects of new network marketers are immense.

Profit-making is out of the question in a Network Marketing Business:

The MLM industry is growing by the leaps. It is garnering sales in billions globally and thus to say that a Network Marketer does not make profits is false. Having said this, it is true that only the hard workers get to earn in this industry. Simply put, your income is a product of your hard work and caliber and you can keep earning more and more if you put in the right amount of smart efforts into the business.

Retaining customers in a Multi-Level Marketing Business is a task:

Like every other business, if you are to sell quality products at reasonable prices, your customers will automatically come back to you. The same applies to Multi-Level Marketing Business. To maintain effective retention of your customer base, it is necessary that you provide enough training and product knowledge to each of the distributors in your network. Similarly, make sure that you engage multiple Customer support and feedback tools for resolving all client level queries effectively throughout the business.

In a nutshell, MLM or Network Marketing is a sure, safe and successful way of doing business. To get started on this or to get more information on the above, kindly visit

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