Network Marketing Basics — Top 6 Benefits of Network Marketing Software

Network marketing software is the core element that drives efficiency and success in multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses. Every MLM enterprise is able to work seamlessly and improve its business by using such software. Nowadays, network marketing businesses have a high dependency on MLM software. But, choosing the right network marketing software is a critical decision to make.

To adopt a suitable software, network marketing businesses have to consider the technological benefits being offered. MLM businesses are interested in network marketing software that offers features for resolving computational issues and simplify management tasks.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits being offered by network marketing software in the MLM industry:

Network Marketing Software – Top 6 Benefits

There are several software development companies involved in the direct selling landscape for building effective network marketing software. So, MLM companies have a lot of options when it comes to selecting software. It is the benefits of direct selling software that set the differentiator.

What differentiates the best network marketing software from others is the applicability of its features in resolving issues of the user (MLM company). Here are some of the key factors that every MLM company can benefit from after adopting network marketing software.

1.  Transparent and Accurate Accounting

The account management capabilities of network marketing software provide the biggest advantage to MLM businesses. Every direct selling company needs organized storage and availability of financial accounts. An MLM software can enable such companies with the management of financial records and accounting data.

Features such as the Commission Ledger, offered by direct-selling software, provide transparency and systematic structuring of member commissions. Similarly, an MLM business can use the account features of a network marketing software for tax benefits.

High accuracy of accounting functions, particularly for regulating expenditures, payouts, and buy-ins helps a direct selling business in calculating their quarterly financial standings. Some software also offers multi-currency and multi-vendor support, along with integrated tools for tax management and accounting report generation.

2.  Multiple Compensation Plans Supported

Network marketing software such as Ventaforce supports different MLM plans. The basic Binary and Unilevel plans are supported by almost every MLM software. But, if a direct selling company intends to incorporate different compensation plans, the software should be responsive in adopting the new plans.

Leading software development companies are building software for network marketing business where multiple compensation plans are used. In addition to the basic MLM plans, some software support differential payout plans. There are some who also support the board plan and matrix plan. The best direct selling software usually supports all these plans, and also offers hybrid plans for using custom compensation plans.

3.  High Data Security

Data security is a critical advantage of managing business data on software. In the direct selling industry, there are volumes of business information to be stored, modified and applied. The information majorly includes payment details, user credentials, and other confidential datapoints.

Securing such information is the utmost critical feature of network marketing software. With blockchain technology, the software protects transactional data. Similarly, the software uses multiple encryption layers to encapsulate the data being moved among user systems. The software also generates the backup of data, which can be updated on a real-time basis.

4.  Traceable Business Records

All businesses need to track their records and showcase their business growth to stakeholders. MLM companies take the help of network marketing software to track business records and keep them stored in repositories. In addition to this, the software manages these records and ensures there is no discrepancy.

If the business data is well kept and there is no loss of information, the MLM company can continue to stay clear from unwanted rebuttals. Hence, it is important to choose a network marketing software that helps in managing business records smoothly.

5.  Inventory Management

Ventaforce offers the MLM company an added function of managing the inventories smoothly. This feature is absent in most network marketing software. The software enables direct sellers to update the vendors and the parent MLM company on the availability of stocks. Moreover, stock-keeping and asset tracking technologies are integrated with this software to boost the visibility on inventories.

6.  Smooth Third-Party Integration

One of the biggest advantages that network marketing software can provide is keeping a room available for more. In order to boost business, MLM companies are interested in taking up new payment modes, tools, and third-party software.

Ventaforce actively integrates third-party tools to provide a holistic solution to MLM companies. E-commerce platforms, e-wallets, payment technologies, and other third-party software can be integrated with Ventaforce.


The best suitable software for your network marketing business should offer these benefits and more. Ventaforce is a standout MLM software that not only offers the said benefits but also improves the overall user experience across multiple parameters.

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