Interact With Long Distance Clients With Video Conferencing to Enhance Networking!

Video conferencing has really become a boon while communicating with your remote clients. Video conferencing is as good as interacting with them in person! When you are running an MLM software company, you can’t just target local clients but also international. In some situations, it is not feasible to make your employee travel to another country just for the sake of a meeting. Thus, video conferencing comes to the rescue and it is very important for companies to train their employees about video conferencing. So, here are the tips while conducting a video conferencing.

Camera Angle:

Setting up the camera angle is very important. Don’t move the camera too high or too low, thus distracting the entire meeting. Make sure that the client can see you properly. Also, do all the necessary settings before the conference kick starts. Don’t do it in the ongoing session because that might create an impression of unprofessional behaviour.

Room Lighting:

Yes, it may sound very cheesy, but you have to choose the right lighting for your conference. If your client can’t see you properly, then how will he/she interact? So, it’s better to choose a room that has good lighting wherein you are properly visible. Also, your room and the surroundings are going to be visible so make sure that you have a good painting in the background. Try and have a portrait that depicts the positivity of your office premises.


Usage of microphone should be done wisely. Before kick starting the session, make sure that your microphone is in working condition. Test your microphone by calling your colleague first. In between the call, there can be times that you need to speak to your sub-ordinate then make sure to mute your microphone. If not, then the unnecessary background noise adds to the distraction and also creates an unpleasant environment.

Proper Clothing:

Even though, you are having a video conference, you have to be very cautious about your clothing. Taking a call from home, doesn’t mean you stay connected on your pyjamas. Rather, this creates an unprofessional impression on your client. Remember to dress up well just like you do in your working hours in the office.

Stay Focussed:

While you’re on the call, stay focussed only on the call. Don’t open your emails or read articles while interacting because you might lose on important points of discussion. Also, if you are not focused, your client will acknowledge and might just disconnect the call there and there, thus leading to a loss. So, keep away your mobile phones or things that distract you.

Introducing Yourself:

When you are in a group call, your client might not know you. So, first and foremost introduce yourself and your team members. It is very pleasant that you exchange greetings and thus ease out the entire atmosphere.

These are the tips that will helpful for your multilevel marketing company. More than these tips, believe in yourself and be confident. While video conferencing, you get a window where you can see yourself. Don’t look at yourself, rather look at your client because with that, they feel that you are engaged in the conversation. Last but not the least, don’t show a sign of discomfort, rather make yourself and your client comfortable!

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