How Usana become best MLM Company in Australia?

If you ever searched best direct selling/network marketing companies in Australia, Usana is one of the most common names in all listings.

Not only limited to search result pages, but actually, Usana has cracked remarkable growth in Australia.

This post is regarding, how an American company managed to build a legacy in Australia i.e. success story of Usana in Australia.

How Usana become best MLM Company in Australia?

Before heading to the Usana’s success tale in Australia, we will move back and share the brief history of Usana first.

History of Usana

Usana Health Sciences, Inc. popularly known as Usana is a multi-level marketing company started in Utah, USA.

1992 was the year when Usana was founded which produces and sells nutritional and personal care products. Now Usana operates in 24 countries and products are primarily manufactured at West Valley City facility in the USA.

Dr. Myron Wentz is the founder of this direct selling company with the vision of a world free of pain, suffering, and disease.

Usana is one of the rare direct selling companies which is publicly listed in the stock market. Usana’s stocks are traded on Newyork Stock Exchange.

Usana’s Success in Australia

After its successful operation in the USA, Usana started its business expansion to other countries.

  • 1996: Canada
  • 1997: Caribbean Market
  • 1998: Australia and New Zealand

In February 1998, Usana kept its step to Australia and had $100 million annual sales globally.

In 2010, USANA wins two Australian Business Awards for Product Excellence (USANA® Essentials™) and Best eBusiness (BDS/eApprentice)

In 2020 Usana have annual revenue of $1.13 billion which is 6.95% higher than in 2019.

Here are some prominent reasons behind the success of Usana in Australia. 

Tier-1 Country

Usana has primarily targeted only Tier-1 countries. After Canada, Australia becomes another address of Usana.

Similar to most branded cosmetic and wellness products companies, Usana products are expensive especially for Tier-2 and 3 countries.

Therefore Australia can be a perfect choice. Australia is a wealthy tier-1 country with high GDP and people have great purchasing power which eventually helped Usana to build a strong customer base for their products.

Ease of Doing Business & Early Entry

According to the world bank, Australia ranks 14th in ease of doing business in 2020.

The same scenario was 3 decades ago when Usana kept their step in Australia. It is easy to start and grow a business in Australia compared to other major economies. 

In the 1990s there were very few direct selling companies existed in Australia. Usana was one among the companies to take early entry and at that time direct selling was more lucrative compare to now.


When companies go internationally, diversification becomes a major hurdle. As people have different preferences and requirements, it becomes difficult for companies to fulfill all at once. But it is also an opportunity for some companies.

Australia is a country of immigrants. People from India, China, UK, and Philippines share a major migrant percentage in Australia.

Usana has a wide range of products in personal care and nutrition.

Usana targeted these diversified classes in a very well manner and its distributors reached all classes efficiently.

Regular Customers

Australia’s literacy rate is 99% which is one of the highest in the world and Aussies are more aware especially in terms of personal care.

Due to ample wealth and awareness, Aussies spend money on personal care and wellness products. As Usana provides the same product range, it brings opportunities for direct sellers.

These products need repeated purchase therefore distributors get a regular commission from every member which eventually motivates distributors to reach more people.

Opportunity for Foreign Companies

If you have checked top direct selling companies in Australia, most are foreign companies, especially from the USA such as Jeunesse, Amway and Total Life Changes.

Australian local companies don’t look forward to the direct selling industry while other countries have local direct selling companies in action.

This helped global companies like Usana to scale business in Australia and the growth route was comparatively easier.

Use of Advanced Technology

Other than quality products and the lucrative compensation plan, one unspoken element which helped Usana to expand globally is the technology used.

Usana has an attractive public website and distributors can access it as per their current market. 

Usana provides a personalized experience to its visitors. Distributors can log in to their dashboard and check the business stats. Overall Usana provides a seamless experience that builds the authority of the company.

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