7 Ways to Measure the Reliability of a Direct Selling Software Development Company

Companies around the world have been working in an environment that is fast-paced, ultra-competitive, and dynamic. Gone are the days when the companies created mammoth departments that dragged down the progress and usurped vast sums of money in maintaining them. 

 Today, companies focus on their core businesses and outsource less critical departments to other companies or heavily rely on software. That is the reason we see massive uptake of the HR software by so many companies these days. They no longer maintain great staff for the HR function. All the HR functions, right from hiring, onboarding, payroll, among others, are done through software. Freshteam, Bitrix24, Officekit are some of the examples of HR software.

 Just like HR software takes care of HR functions, direct selling software takes care of the entire MLM business operations. Direct selling software works as a backbone for the MLM company handling full back-office transactions like onboarding of new members, handling KYC requirements, generating commission reports, addition and deletion of products, multi-currency calculations, multi-language capabilities among a host of other functionalities.

 Although there is much direct selling software available in the market, the pertinent question remains – which one is the reliable one that suits your needs and budget? How to check the reliability of these direct selling software? How to choose the best one? 

 To make your task more accessible, we are providing seven ways to measure the reliability of a direct selling software development company. These parameters are intended to help you choose the best direct selling software for your needs. Let’s get started.

 1. MLM software provider should be able to meet the specific requirements

The first criteria that you should look at when finding an MLM software development company are their ability to work closely with your team to understand your particular requirements and deliver accordingly fully. 

 The most significant weakness found in most MLM software development companies is their inability to understand and coordinate with the client’s team fully. This leads to gaps, and the delivered MLM solution does not match the client’s requirements.

 But a professional development company not only understands the entire technical side of your industry but also makes invaluable contributions by suggesting features that could enhance the usability and efficiency of the business process as a whole. In effect, the MLM software provider company should work as your virtual growth partner rather than being a mundane software company.

 2. Offering enhanced integration and training

The difference between an ordinary MLM software provider company and a top-notch company is that the latter goes beyond the norms to see that the software is fully integrated and optimized at the client-side and is being used with maximum efficiency. Top-notch companies always rank very high in providing exemplary training support throughout the contract period. 

 You must read the client testimonials, reviews about the MLM software provider on different websites, and see how the company fares when it comes to enhanced integration and training. 

 3. Impressive UX design

A few years back, the software was a dud tool to help in a few office tasks. Neither it looked good, nor it was easy to use those good-old time software. Only people who were specially trained to use them were able to use the software. For example, most organizations in yesteryears opted for accounting software to handle accounts. The remaining staff did not have any access to this software. 

 The time has changed rapidly over the last decade. Now, organizations have software that is user friendly and has an impressive user experience design. MLM Softwares are no different. They not only look great, but they are immensely user friendly across devices like mobile, tab, or PC.

 As such, you should check this important factor before going ahead with your MLM software vendor.

 4. Improving branding

Please remember your brand reflects your organization. You need to be very careful to see that your brand, which you are trying to build, is strongly reflected through different mediums. Customers start to develop an emotional bond with your company through different assets; the brand is one of the most significant assets.

 This makes it even more crucial for you to ensure that the MLM software matches your company profile and gels well in improving branding.  

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 5. Offer extensive support

This is probably, one of the most critical factors to look out for when looking for an MLM software developer. Many unscrupulous companies indulge in enticing new clients by offering cheap rates. But these companies never bother to extend support once their software has been sold.

 You should never fall in the trap of going for cheap direct selling software. The so-called cheap software ultimately proves costly as people in your organization will be stuck without adequate support at crucial times. Eventually, you will either have to hire another company for assistance or will need to replace the software with a new one. 

 So, you will be better off if you consider this aspect very religiously before finalizing your direct selling software.

 6. Offering iron clad protection

Your company will be dealing with 100s and 1000s of people from across the world. You will also be having financial transactions on your website through the direct selling software in the backend. 

 All this makes it mandatory for you to have software that guarantees army grade security, so there are no chances of hacking or compromises.

 Only a top-notch MLM software provider can offer this kind of protection. You will have a sound sleep when you go for such a direct selling software. Do not overlook this security aspect a bit.

 7. Multi-language and multi-currency functionality

You are starting the MLM business in the hope that one day you will also expand your business in multiple countries just like the popular MLM companies do. 

 You need to prepare for this aspiration even before you launch your company so that when you are ready to start in the overseas markets, the transition is smooth without any hitch.

 Final thoughts

The purpose of any software is to improve the efficiency of the business processes, and MLM software is no different. 

 Working with a trusted and reliable software development partner can provide you with a jump-start that you have been looking for. Make sure you cover all the points mentioned in the above post before going ahead. 

 The difference between success and failures are often fragile. A wrong decision in finalizing the MLM software for your company can crash land your aspirations even before they take off. Maybe, you would want to have a look at Ventaforce – the Numero Uno in MLM software

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