4 Things You Need to Know About Ventaforce Security

When planning software for a company, many aspects need to be looked into before going ahead. Some of the essential elements include performance, scalability, domain expertise, after-sales support, security, and pricing. Each of these parameters is important as these will chart the way the company moves ahead. 


When talking specifically about MLM software or network marketing software, these aspects become even more pronounced as MLM companies thrive on a considerable number of people joining as independent contractors. Independent contractors should be able to add new people from the field, access the commission payments bills, access their downline trees, order products on the go, receive commissions flawlessly, check their reward and recognition positions in the territory, zones or at national levels. 


From the company’s perspective, the top management should be able to add, modify or delete products, see the number of people who have joined in real-time, uploading training videos, conducting webinars, access to revenue sheets among others. While these aspects are essential from the company’s perspective, the most critical feature that the company is looking for is the robustness of the software. The software should be secured from being hacked as it could contain data of 100s and 1000s of people from all around the world. 


Let’s discuss the importance of software aspects before moving on to software security.



Since the MLM companies bloom when a massive number of people join them as independent contractors to promote the products and influence other people to join. This is like a chain where people recruit more people. The more, the merrier for the individuals who sell more and hire more people. The top-notch MLM companies around the world Like Amway, Herbal Life, and Avon have millions of independent contractors.


The success of any MLM company will depend on how fast it can add people in its fold. To cater to this, companies need to have reliable software, which acts as a backbone for a company. Ventaforce has have been successfully tested for 7 million records, so whether you are a startup or a growing company, Ventaforce will keep you in good stead at all times.


Domain Expertise

When it is the question of MLM software, you will find Ventaforce in the top bracket. This has not happened overnight; we have been delivering successful projects for the last 19+ years to the 4000+ clients across the globe. Ventaforcehas the highest rating of 4.9 (out of 5) in the category on Software Suggest, one of the top-notch rating organizations. GoodFirms, another highly reputed research, and rating organization have rated Ventaforce as #1 Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) software in the best MLM software category.


After-sales support

This is the most crucial aspect as delivering a project is one part, but the most vital and essential aspect is after-sales support. Most companies fare poorly when it comes to post-sales support. We are known to work with our clients as their success partners rather than vendors. Our engineers are always available (24 x 7) to the clients through real-time chat, phone, and email support. On average, we make up to 9 changes/customizations in the software for our clients within the first year of delivery. This speaks volumes for Ventaforce, and we couldn’t be prouder of this fact. 

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Understands Stands for Security

We value security at all levels – right from the software architecture to secured servers. Ventaforce is the most secured MLM software, akin to having a military-grade architecture. Here are the four things you need to know about Ventaforce security:


1.Security architecture: Ventaforce is developed using level 7 level security and 3 level architecture which ensures the highest data security. There is virtually no chance of cyber threats. 

2. Data backup and recovery: database mirroring and server cloning are done for disaster recovery and in case of an emergency, we maintain the backup so that your data can be recovered smoothly.

3. Secure servers: as the server password keeps changing, it is saved in an encrypted format which makes the software safe on shared hosting.

4. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA): Sankalp, brand-owner of Ventaforce MLM software, always signs NDAs with the clients to maintain the confidentiality of the information.


Final Words

We understand the value of the security at all levels, that is why we have got you fully covered through our iron-clad security regimen. We are proud that Ventaforce is the numero-unoMLM software, that is feature-rich with un-matched security. To date, there has been no reported attack in over 4000+ software installations around the world. 


So, you know when it comes to finding the best software for your MLM companyVentaforce is the answer. We are surprisingly delightful when it comes to pricing. 


Do not delay, get in touch with our experts today! 


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