Why People Make Don’t Like MLM?


We all have may have heard the names of companies Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, Fuller Brush… these are some of the direct selling companies.

Selling the Products One to One or person to person is a form of Direct selling which is also called as Network marketing or Multilevel marketing (MLM).

As of January 1, 2013, Few Top Network Marketing Companies are Amway, Melaleuca, USANA, Nu Skin, Isagenix, Herbalife.

This industry is becoming a thriving industry day by day. Many Companies with the top of the line products using multilevel marketing form to range their business at wide level.

Someone interested can start the things with a fractional cost of normal business startup cost. Some companies are making the big figure in this Industry. But every coin has 2 sides same way there is an improvised side of MLM as well; because of that only individuals don’t like to join MLM.

Fear of Scamming

You may have heard this story many times – “You will apparently receive hundreds of thousands of dollars and you have to do nothing just trail all your friends and family. They will give you money will become your downline & you will be a millionaire soon.” People around you might be trying to get you in by throwing such philosophies. You must have to do some research work to determine the summary of the company, compensation, bonus plan, commission and product to determine whether this proposed opportunity falls under SCAMMING or not?

There are some good brands in the market whose products we are using as our daily essentials likewise AMWAY & AVON. We are not afraid of these names as they have a good name in the market.

The reason for their success & good reputation are sales reps that are selling their products around the world. And another reason is the quality products that have been trusted by millions of users in their domiciliary.

Pathetic Marketing & Selling

The first thing you have to do once you have joined MLM is calling your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

All what has been known to you is that you have to push people to join you & to buy your product than only you can earn handsome. And off course it is going to irritate them to listen to you.

But remember to thoughtful before you join any MLM company, check whether the product is useful or not to you individually. If you yourself won’t be comfortable with product that how can you sell it?

Choose a product you are affectionate about, think what was your first reaction when you heard about this product! Or did it catch the attention of rush when presented by someone else.

If a products are such that it’s liked by most of the people whether they buy it or not than it will be easy to get other people affectionate about buying & selling it, too.

Bad Experiences

Anxiety is a complicated thing. Different sorts of people are scared of different kinds of things. Many people get confuse between MLM opportunities & pyramid schemes, they just jump into it without any investigation & at the end get stuck in SCAM.

MLM opportunities are always escorted by a generally a worthy product. In MLM opportunity you have to sell products to prospective customers at the same time proposing the business opportunity to potential distributers.

Just like with anything else, you must face your fears! Most of people fail at MLM for a number of reasons like without understanding the opportunity jumping in to it, not researching about product & services of the company before joining, believing in the dreams of becoming millionaire overnight without doing anything.

If you acquire yourself into the right MLM opportunity and grow yourself with the correct attitude, you may not be a millionaire overnight, but you might reach profitable assets that you could have never visualized of working in a 9-5 corporate office.

There are companies where Uplines are very helpful, give a thought before joining that you are joining right kind of people who will be there to help you out.

Explore the product & see if you are passionate about it or not before jumping to the conclusion. Of course, if the company has an impressive compensation plan, that’s enough to get anyone motivated.

If you know you can make a thousand of $ bonuses by finishing your objectives and you have an overwhelming product that fulfills the needs of many folks, you’ve got a tremendous offer to propose potential customers.

If you are obtaining into the right MLM opportunity consider it is simply an investment that may or may not crack everywhere and originate something to you instantly.

If controlled appropriately, your primary MLM investment will come back over and over and over. Think that you’re not spending anything but you are creating an opportunity to become as rich as you’d like to be.

2 thoughts on “Why People Make Don’t Like MLM?

  • October 9, 2014 at 2:01 am

    Hi, I found your website on Google and really enjoyed the read. MLM is definitely an investment it’s not an overnight quick fix. Very well put together and I will definitely be stopping back to your blog for more insight! Thanks.

    • October 11, 2014 at 10:28 am

      Thanks Josh ! I will defiantly try to add more exciting content. Thanks for following my blog as well.


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